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Workshops & Garages.....


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Dang man thats a beautiful shop! I like the liquor shot jajaja.


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that is one BA shop guys.... hey i can be the bartender if you want lol ill make margaritas, long islands, bloody maries etc

Tony C

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WOW that is a beautiful shop!! I can say this much that if the crew I worked with had this nice of a race shop half would be drunk and the others would be sitting around watching vids on the flat screens....Including myself. We worked out of a 2 car garage where we had to push the car out half way and had to share a air line and tools. But I would not change that time for anything ..we beat the Herbst and won the championship and overall that "perfect" season.

Anyways.....NICE SHOP. I'll keep dreaming.


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i would have 4 trucks and 2 pre runners built by now and one pissed off girl friend(even more than she is now) if i had that shop. very nice!

do you have the need for another son??? :D:D

do you mide if i ask what you do for a living?

Thanks for all the nice comments, unfortunately its not my shop either but a good friend. I am lucky enough to be able to work out of it daily..... I am not complaining!


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Very nice and very clean, I like it! More pics of the Blazer! Were you at the Parker prerun last year in your Blazer? Before it had a roof rack?


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It is not mine but, Yes......Parker 08.....

You like the old school Blazer?
I love it! I was there that year to running close to you guys all day and I kept complimenting it to my friends that were riding with me. I really like old school Chevy prerunners and SUV prerunners. I have a Bronco that I have been building that is pretty far along but still a long way out.

Fast Eddy

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Very cool shop!!!!!!!!!!!! The only 2 requirements I have to have is a 2 post lift and ofcoarse a BBQ pit. Just hangin around that bar would make me forget those.


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one of my projects



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Hey ive been in that shop and that looks like my trophy kart !!!!! i can tell your working hard on my tk reading up on mods while sitting on the pot after drinking half the bar nice! wish i was in cali right now to help! the snow is melting fast im going to to mark out the race track today with the skid steer! can't wait!