Would you do this?


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That is wayyy sketch. But at my current skill level, "No way!" maybe if I have been riding for 20 years, what if you stalled the bike or it just died?!:eek:

After further review I dont think the angles are as steep as the video makes them out to be.


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Don't know if I would. I gues it would depend on how confident I felt that day. It might be one of those deals where the angle looks worse than it is.


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That arch is off of Poison Spider trail in Moab and over looks the Colorado river. Here is a picture of my buddies walking across the arch in the other direction. It is pretty steep but you have crazy traction on that slick rock.

haven't been there in a couple years but I'm pretty sure that is a big no no. No vehicles past this point painted on the rock about40 yards back. Not 100% as its been a while but worth bring up.


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i think i would do it :cool:


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pass! haha, just not there yet.

Mike @ pit b

I'd like to think that I would, but being there and watching someone else do it are 2 different things.


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The more i watch it, the more I would do it. Hes not on the pipe very much across the ledge. That tells me he's coasting for the most part. That would be fun.


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It really doesn't look that difficult (he even catches some air midway), but I wouldn't do it because the room for error would make me suffer from a severe case of testicular atrophy.


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What about the opposite direction? No run out room. My palms get sweaty just typing about it.


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i would do it the opposite way, for $500. I'd have to stick way to the inside, but its do-able.

i wouldn't do it for fun, thats for sure.