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i got to do the coolest thing today....i got to take a ride in the riviera f150 prerunner, out in barastow. my friend was shooting the truck for an upcoming issue of a certain magazine, and so i went along. that thing is awesome!!!! we tore around the outlet center area, and kept hitting a good sized jump (i dunno, like 50-60 mph, about 7 feet off the ground, landing like 60 feet later??), giving my friend some sweet photo opportunities. that thing is an off road cadillac...so smooth over the bumps, and on the landings. yet jerry, who was driving, thought it needed some work....are you kidding me? then we hung out (yea, like i was gonna leave) while they did some testing on the trophy truck, which was also there. that thing was screaming-i didn't get to ride in that, but i got to watch it haul ass by me at speed, thru the bumpy stuff at barstow, without skipping a beat. it made the prerunner look slow off of that same jump. how do you get rid of this grin?????

thank you very much, riviera racing-that was unbelievable.


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You lucky bastard. Did you do your IP duty and try and get them to bring the truck out to a meeting sometime???

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Hope you cleaned up your mess on the seat! I know I would have I failed spelling my pants. You wonder what the co-driver is thinking when a TT has one of those OOPS! moments at speed!




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Glad you had fun. Jerry and the guys were testing the truck for the upcoming Vegas to Reno race. Thats the first time the TT has been tested since moving the fuel cell from the rear of the truck to just behind the cab. Their going to run the Class 1 car in the Vegas to Reno but not sure about the TT. I guess they tested just to see if everything is sano, and they'd go from there if they would run the TT.