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WRC Round One, Monte Carlo


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Monte Carlo is in the book's........ or is it?

Sunday, 20 January 2002

Citroen driver Sebastien Loeb and navigator Daniel Elena sprayed the victory champagne on the opening round of the 2002 FIA World Rally Championship, the Rallye Monte Carlo. But their celebrations could be short-lived, since they will depend on the result of Citroen's appeal against a two-minute penalty for changing tyres in the wrong service area. Depending on the result of the FIA Court of Appeal, victory - and the resulting ten points in the drivers' world championship - could yet be handed to Subaru driver Tommi Mäkinen, who finished second on the timesheets.
Loeb's penalty - incurred at yesterday's final 12-minute service - overshadowed today's action, which took place in clear but cold conditions. Mäkinen backed off by early afternoon, believing that the penalty will stand and that he will thus be promoted to first place. Behind the leading pair, Carlos Sainz finished third for Ford, while his team-mate Colin McRae inched ahead of Peugeot driver Marcus Grönholm to claim fourth.
The way the FIA works and using the past as a president it looks like Tommi and Subaru will be getting the first place point for Monte Carlo. But time will tell. The FIA does not play the favorites game or do anyone any favors…. They just don’t f**k around so to speak. The rules are clear and the 2-minute penalty will most likely stick.

So here is a run down:

Solberg (SS3, SS6, SS12, SS14, SS15)
Loeb (SS4, SS5, SS7, SS10, SS13)
Makinen (SS8, SS9, SS11)
Sainz (SS1)
SS2 was cancelled due to spectator congestion

....and after Round One: (this could change)

FIA World Rally Championship for Drivers:
Loeb (F) 10, Makinen (FIN) 6, Sainz (E) 4, C. McRae (GB) 3, Gronholm (FIN) 2, Solberg (N) 1.

FIA World Rally Championship for Manufacturers:
Subaru 12, Ford 10, Peugeot 4.

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Here is some video from Day Three @ Monte Carlo.

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.worldrally-online.com/asx/en_GB/VideoASX/2002MCFIAcomment_wmv.asx>Loab's Penalty</A>

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.worldrally-online.com/asx/en_GB/videoasx/2002MCSainzBumper_L_wmv.asx>Carlos & Ford</A>

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.worldrally-online.com/asx/en_GB/videoasx/2002MCRomanKrestaCrash1_L_wmv.asx>Skoda oop's (leg 2)</A>

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.worldrally-online.com/asx/en_gb/videoasx/2002MCLoebLeg2OB_L_wmv.asx>Shut Up and let me drive!</A>

<font color=red>Enjoy!</font color=red>

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An interesting side note if Tommi wins: That'll be like 5 in a row at the Monte for him. Kinda like Ivan at the 500!


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Is it me or did it seem like the in-car camera in Collin McCrae's Focus was positioned a little to high? I kept finding my self ducking lower (sitting on the couch) trying to look further up the course...lol


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This just in from a "very good source" via e-mail......... On Loab's Tire's.

Hi guys, just got back from Monte Carlo. I'll post a thread on the trip when i get my breath back! Truly awesome rally!

On the plane back to the UK it was packed to the rafters with people associated with the rally. I was sat next to the FIA steward that impounded the wheels/tyres from LOEB's car!

Lets just say i quized him a bit.

They have sealed the wheels/tyres and they are being shipped to the FIA in Paris right now to be inspected. There is absolutely no doubt Loeb will at minimum recieve his 2 minute penalty and there is a posibility of a DSQ depending on what they discover during the strip down!

Tommi and Subaru have won the Monte Carlo Rally, no question about that at all. Thats from the horses mouth. If that doesnt happen something very very fishy indeed will have happened at the FIA, i cant see that.

What the steward said was he felt for Loeb, he did nothing wrong but the team has let him down badly. I asked him why they would do that change knowing it was illegal and he said they cant work that out yet? It makes no sense to him? Maybe there is someting fishy with the tyres they used that helped the performance and now they had a big gap they wanted the car back to legal? Should be interesting!

I love the net!

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First off, If your not cheating your not trying !!!!!! Second, where's Richard Burns ????? and last, its a trip seeing Mak in a Subaru....


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......but if you get caught, you tried to hard!

Burns went for the $$$$, Peugeot.

As for Tommi, I agree! They should paint the car Red so he looks right in it.

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From wrc-online:

It took almost a week to be decided, but Tommi Makinen has been confirmed as the winner of the Monte Carlo Rally. Following Citroen's withdrawal of its appeal against a two-minute time penalty given to Sebastien Loeb, Makinen becomes the most successful World Rally driver ever, with 24 WRC victories and four consecutive Monte wins.

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Official: Citroen withdraws appeal
Monte Carlo · Citroen · Sébastien Loeb · 25/01/2002 15:32:39

Citroen has issued a brief statement confirming it has withdrawn its appeal against the two-minute time penalty imposed on Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena at the Monte Carlo Rally.

The statement reads "as agreed with Sebastien Loeb and (co-driver) Daniel Elena, and in order to maintain a good relationship with the FIA and other competitors, Citroen does not wish to pursue this appeal".

The penalty, which was later suspended, was given at the end of leg two when the tyres on the Xsara were illegally changed at the final service. The Frenchman completed the rally with the suspended penalty hanging over his head and, holding off Subaru's Tommi Makinen, took the victor's champagne on the podium.

Team Manager Guy Frequelin launched an appeal saying that it was a 'minor mistake' and the team gained no advantage over its rivals.

However its decision to withdraw the appeal pushes Loeb down to second place in the drivers' standings, with Tommi Makinen taking the victory and 10 championship points. In doing so the Finn becomes the most successful driver in World Rally history with 24 career wins and celebrates four back-to-back victories at the glamorous season opener.

Commenting on Citroen's decision, FIA President Max Mosley said: "At its meeting on March 20, the World Motorsport Council will consider whether the rules can be improved, so as to avoid in future a situation which brought satisfaction to no one and diminished the sporting contest."

Well, thats that, on to Sweden!

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