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WRC year in review has been on all day long and will continue until I believe midnight so check it out on speedvision.

PMC Racing


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WRC is home to the very best in car control. Awesome. God bless TiVO! (I'm at work)


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anybody else but me sit and watch most of it, pissing off our significant other to no end?
"that's still on??...it's been on for like 50 hours now!!"....i know :)


Did anyone tape it? My damn cable company doesn't offer Speedvision and I couldn't find anyone around that had it on Dish or???

I'd pay $$$ to get the complete set.



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I think I got the whole thing on the TiVO harddrive. Haven't checked it yet. When I archive it to tape, I could hook up a second VCR and make you a tape(s) too. It would be a first generation since the TiVO capture the satelite signal, not video.


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it seemed to me that it was like 2 episodes repeating all day long. But I still watched it.

John Bitting

I watched a lot of it. I could not believe when they were racing in I think Africa and they are showing inboard the guy hits some water then comes up on a hole the size of his car and bam hits it sending the co-driver out by air after he called the driver an idiot. Pretty crazy just seeing his perspective on that hole that came from nowhere.


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That hole didn't come from "no where". The navigator called it; two or three times! That's why he called him an idiot. The driver completely ignored the instruction. If I remember correctly, the driver was one of the WRC back-markers. Wasn't it Armin Schwartz in a Skoda? He was doing surprisingly well at that stage of the rally, and wanted to capture a higher than normal finish. Redefining "over drive".

The driver returned at the next rally, but to my knowledge, the navigator has not gotten back in a car.