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Wristwatch interest


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Hello all, I am trying to gauge if there would be any interest from the vintage community in a commemorative wristwatch. My sponsor is Mer-Air-Terre, a French company that makes some damn nice timepieces. The name translates to Sea, Air, Land. They have made custom watches for several groups of folks, including Naval Aviators (I have one and love it,), SEALS, French Foreign Legion, EOD units, etc.

Below are a couple of mock ups for consideration. Let me know what you think. The cool thing about a watch like this is that unlike pulling out a coin from your pocket or having a trophy on your shelf, this is a conversation piece that follows you around in full view at all times. Anyway this is just the brainstorming phase but generally when they make a custom run of watches they cost a LOT less than the retail price you might see on a website.

If there is enough interest and NORRA wants to partner with us we will make it happen. No matter how much interest there is, NORRA has to be ok with it. So let me know what you think.


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Do you know what movement they use in the watch?
They have options, which I didn't address in my original post. The precision mechanical variety, like a Rolex, is what I have and its very nice. The second hand is smooth like you'd expect from a nice watch. It is a kinetic model that winds itself when you wear it. Its obviously more expensive that a quartz watch but they can make a quartz movement as well. Beyond that if there are specific questions I can find out for you. Just to be clear though, neither version is gonna be a $200 watch but its not going to be 2 grand either. The final price would depend on the size of the order and any agreement with NORRA so I hesitate to attempt to quote anything, but lets just say somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000-1500 for the mechanical version just to gauge interest.
Pretty cool!
NORRA should work with them, probably a limited edition with a good price, 1000 - 2000 pieces maybe?
just saying...