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Curtis Guise

We all love the badass builds, the bling, the beautiful masterpieces that high end shops build for their customers. Those are all awesome, but for many of us an unobtainable pipe dream and wishful thinking. But do you have to have the latest bling to go enjoy the desert with your family and friends? No way!

Off-roading has its roots in garage builds. Friends and family coming together and building a truck or buggy from scratch. Sketching out their ideas on paper, the old men passing their knowledge to the young, helping your buddy do an engine swap or cycle the suspension, a lot can be accomplished with a case of beer, a carport and a few friends or family. 
Such is the build of Wyatt...
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Curtis Guise

Well done Curtis. Nice write up and its cool to focus on the "every man" builds
Thanks Dave but I didn't do this feature. @ace_photo Art Eugenio shot this one. When I published it on the homepage and to the forum it put my name here instead of his.

I did shoot another garage build and will have that one posted up soon. Toyota T100 built by Ricky Sanders.


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Truck looks great!

Total Loss

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LOL...love this part:

Housing clear coated rather than painted to look bitchin.

Thanks for the write up...enjoy the truck.
While I love the high $$$ builds...can't beat the garage ones for the everyman.

Zac Reish

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There needs to be more of this. These builds are what created this sport and these builds are what drew me to this sport. This is how my car started. Actually it started way worse LOL!!
Also, it would be cool to see a yearly article on the most dominating race cars in each class. legit pro class.