Yeah so...


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Sep 29, 2016
I'm Myles, I've been in love with all motorsports as long as I can remember. Currently more street borrowing off road rigs. I have a hayabusa and a Suzuki b-king, I work every year as a corner Marshal for world superbike. Been attending Northern California rock racing events and decided it's time to get more serious on off road. Lead welder at my work. Mostly mig, some aluminum, some high school arch.

I have lurked here and read a lot of advise. I have to say the goal is baja 1000 in class 9 or 10 if I can afford a good car. My goal right now is to network, and hopefully find a team that I can lend some labor to, to get an idea what the end goal is up against. In the meantime hopefully buy a class 9 or 10 car and get started prepping for local races. Vorra is local for me.

Anyway. Gotta get started early. Any teams look at this, I want to help you with your next baja 500. Have 2 people, myself (decent mechanic and welder) and my brother (flight simulator programmer if you wanna run the baja at home "charges may apply")

Thanks for reading, I'm sure I will get schooled on all my ideas along the way