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Mar 14, 2009
Yorba Linda, Ca
not new to race desert but gotta do it.. im 18 just graduated and work for my daddy;) ive been around the desert my whole life.. got a river house in parker and i use to race motorcycles.. been goin to the parker 400 (425 now) for about 6-7 years consecutively.. my dad and uncle always wanted to get into desert racing but never made the move.. last year they bought a little meco 4 cylinder and we raced m.o.r.e in the sportsman class and ended up losing the championship in the last race by a mere 2 points haha:( it was awesome anyways. my uncle finally got the car he orderd like a year ago for desert dynamics... its a sick 10 car with a honda v-tec. we currently race more still and were suppose to race the 425 but the car wasnt done yet:/ were still racing in the sportsman class due to our car is way heavy and we'd get spanked in 10.. we orderd a new 10 from dunntech motorsports and should be done shortly:))))) theres my story