Yerington 300 is in the books


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You want wind, there was wind. 40-60 solid blowing wind.

Outside of the overall winner, everyone said the course was rough.

About half (don't feel like counting right now, it's Beer Thirty
) the field finished, with Carol Steiger coming in 4 seconds before the time limit.

MIke Koenig returned to action to claim the Class 7 top spot.

Some good wholesome breakage happening with Matt Taylor breaking and repairing and finishing up. Patty Hayos started out with trouble but kept the truck running to bring it in for 3rd.

Class 7 decided before the race to do 3 laps instead of the 4. In hindsight, probably a real good choice.

So that's it from Yerington. For those that missed it, hope y'all had a good weekend and for the ones that made it to the race, hope y'all have fun cleaning all the sand out of the cracks and crevices.

Oh wait, I guess y'all would like to know who overalled. Todd Denton in the Class 1 #103 rocketed to the top spot.