Yet another FNG...


Aug 18, 2009
San Diego, CA...used to be in Vista, CA
Howdy folks,

I've been into desert racing for a long time, mostly as a spectator, but I do hang around some folks that do some interesting things with cars and such. Way back when, a friend and I were actually going to enter a twin engined Honda CVCC into the early baja, but as sometimes intruded. Never did get to build that car, but I got into Unimogs, ex-military vehicles, and other fun things. I'd still like to eventually campaign something low budget, just for the fun of it. I found this site via a google search, I'm rebuilding an electrical system for my suburban. Previous owner didn't do that great a job... Play vehicle is the Suburban. Has a Cummins ISB in it, and a few other mods. Future plans in respect to racing? Attend more races, and like I mentioned, try to campaign a low bucks racer. Day job is property management, construction, military surplus vehicle stuff, and whatever else interests me.

Anyway, good info source you have here!

Hehe...just noticed that I'm a lurker, LOL