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Yokie tires


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I flatted 3 yokohama's at the last MDR race. Two were from nails. I didn't go but maybe a few miles on them, and they stayed on the rim. Is it safe to put new tubes in these tires and run them again as spares, or am I asking for trouble. Didn't know if the side walls damaged easily, as the tires look like their still good. Being the econo racer that I am, I'd like to keep them.


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Timmy, sure dude put tubes in them if they look ok. I would just say use them last. You racing Ridgecrest? If so good luck!!



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Hey Tim
I would put tubes back in them & run them!
Just clean them out & make sure that whatever punctured them to begin with
is not still in the tire

We did the ridgecrest prerun, the track is rough, lots of random cross-grain,
but there is some blacktop roads & some sandwashes to relax on & unclamp
your teeth for a spell !

See ya there


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hold new or old are the yokahamas but i think you should be able to safely put tubes and run them