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Yokohama Sonora Rally 2019

Hog Wild

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Yokohama Sonora Rally is set to take place March 17-22, 2019, with 5 solid days of racing!

Early Entries open Friday, 19 October at www.sonorarally.com.
The first 20 paid entries will receive a discounted rate!

Sonora Rally is open to motorcycles, UTV’s, and cars (2wd and 4wd), including the new non-racing Adventure Raid class (replacing Safari).

► Sun. March 17 -Registration, Tech, Rally School, Briefing
► Mon. March 18 - Stage 1
► Tues. March 19 - Stage 2
► Wed. March 20 - Stage 3
► Thus. March 21 - Stage 4
► Fri. March 22 - Stage 5 Awards & Party

Sonora Rally School Dec. 8-9:
If you're looking for some training before the big race, check out the Sonora Rally Navigation School December 8-9. Join Honda's Ricky Brabec and more Dakar veterans (Johnny Campbell, Kellon Walch, and Darren Skilton) while they prepare and train for Dakar beside you. Rally School

NEW for the 2019 Yokohama Sonora Rally:
► Loyalty Discount: Returning Sonora Rally competitors will be rewarded with a discount upon entry
► Five Full Stages of Racing: no Prologue this year.
► Motorcycle Classes: Two classes: "Rally Pro" and for first timers and amateur riders “Rally Enduro”.
► All-Inclusive Entry Fees: Entry fees will now include the Bivouac Pass with meal plan, award ceremony and upgraded mandatory insurance package - One pass per Moto / Two passes per Car Entry.
► Bivouac Passes: Non-Competitors (Crew, Friends, Family, Media) must have Bivouac Passes to enter bivouac. These passes include the meal plan, award ceremony and mandatory insurance. Non-Competitor Pass will be $250 per person - Form will be on line or at Registration.
► More New Terrain: Sonora Rally goes where no race has gone before.
► Adventure Raid: Replacing the Safari class, with slight adjustment in focus and lower cost. The Raid allows adventure seekers to follow the rally, enjoy the bivouacs and still learn basics of navigation with their own routes and road books, but will not be on the active racecourse. Open to Overlanders, 4x4’s and Adventure Motorcycles.
► Method Race Wheels joins as Presenting Sponsor!


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Hog Wild

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Volunteer to help at Sonora Rally, and have a great adventure at the same time! Sonora Rally is looking for a few good men and women to help make this event spectacular! If you're interested, please fill in the form at the link below, and we'll see if we can match you and your skills with a task we have that you would enjoy.

Volunteer Signup


Hog Wild

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Roost the dunes in Sonora! The "Dune Highway" is 13 kilometers of fast flowing rolling dunes, and is a regular feature in Sonora Rally. Locals drive it in their everyday pickup trucks to get out to some remote play locations. We use it as a super fun race opportunity.

Hog Wild

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The current plan (subject to change) has three bivouacs from past years and two all new bivouacs. One of them is Bernie's place (we can't give away the real name yet), which is a super cool location! We've tried to put it here since the first year, but it never worked out. We are determined to make it happen this year. It doesn't look like much in this purposely limited view, but this is a truly unique bivouac location! Serenely beautiful, remote, and strategically convenient . If the back country tour guides in Baja knew about this place, they would be giving tours in Sonora and staying here!

Hog Wild

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I just finished laying out the "Big Dunes Day". This may change a bit when Darren reviews and pre-runs it. At the moment it's about 170km (105mi) of HP (roadless) dunes, plus 100km of roads, and only 3km of liaison. Notice the continuous elevation changes in the dunes, ha ha!

I expect the car course may be a somewhat shortened version of this, cutting out a bit of the dunes to keep it manageable.

Two of the other days include some dunes, but not as much as this day.


Hog Wild

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One of my favorite types of dunes are the smooth as silk mellow rolling ones with some sparse vegetation for contrast. You can really haul butt across these, giving the feeling of surfing waves of puffy clouds at break-neck speeds. I like them so much we will have sections of them in three of the five stages of the Yokohama Sonora Rally. This Google Earth view shows a 1.5km (1 mile) long arrow, giving you a sense of scale.

Hog Wild

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Here is a nice series of short videos from Casey Currie at Sonora 2018. Through the 5 videos he gives a lot of interesting insight into his first experiences in a cross-country rally event.


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I know we are all enjoying the Dakar on this forum and the amazing efforts of all the Americans on the rally. We started Sonora Rally as a place that the North American Dakar community could grow together while sharing experiences, stories and while improving their nav skills. If any of you want to learn more about what Dakar style events are actually like, we would love to have you along! We are looking for a few more volunteers to run checkpoints, help at the bivouacs and sweep the course. If you would like to be a part of the Sonora Rally crew please fill out a volunteer form on our site:

Volunteers - Sonora Rally 2019

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Hog - Casey is a perfect salesman for you guys. Not sure if you got the same coverage but in his Euro interview, he pretty much said "I did the Sonora and that sold Dakar for me". They did a cool wee blurb on him.