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Yokohama Sonora Rally 2019


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It’s fantastic to see so many of the USA Sonora Rally racers rocking it in Peru:)

I’ve been reading all the 2019 Dakar threads and I don’t think these folks on RaceDezert quite get it... any stage of the Sonora will KICK YOUR ASS, in a big way; that includes all the top racers at this years Dakar. Sonora is an old school, original Dakar style race... both in difficulty and essence... it’s like a 1978 - 1983 Dakar resurrection, well organized but still raw and really nice bivouacs. They don’t need to spell out the rules for helping a downed competitor, that’s a no brainer. This year’s Dakar racers would have sooo much more fun at the Sonora... basically they could go out and race a 5:day raid on a hard course without all the ASO bullshit... and no performance restrictors ... just pure rally raid racing thru a 1000 miles of epic, virgin terrain...it’s no joke...plus they don’t mess around with long liaisons... probably less than 200K for the whole race.

Proof in how challenging Sonora is? Look at how well all our moto guys and Casey are doing and they’ve only raced one Sonora Rally each, Peru seems familiar to them... I think a couple have gone to the Sonora Navigation Class for more experience but.... they’ve been on a big dunes raid course and done it and they know what to expect and they’ve obviously prepared well. That plus they have talent up the wazoo...the latter doesn’t matter without the hardcore rally raid driving and navigation experience that the Sonora gave them.

If Robby Gordon really wanted to win he’d be a competitor at Sonora every year. Instead he cops out. He’d be up there with the rest of the USA boys if he did a Raid, North American style... Dumbshit! It’s right in his backyard. There are a couple of guys that run the Sonora that would easily kick his ass.

I’ll wager that if anybody wants to race against against Brabec or Currey or Short or the other USA boys in 2019; they just need to show up at the Sonora Rally. And hang on...

If your in a 4 wheeled vehicle forget about winning your first time.... there are a couple car driver/navigator teams that have Sonora experience now and you won’t stand a chance.... you’ll be lucky to even finish all 5 stages... think I’m kidding?

For those who discuss which type of vehicle would do best, bring it to Sonora. At Sonora you run what you show up with and see if you can make the finish:) And any opponent at Sonora will lend you their spares and help you fix **** all night so they can race against you the next morning.

Needless to say I’m a Sonora Rally fan. Worth 10 times the price of admission....and it’s not much considering how thoroughly they kick your ass:)

Here’s hoping that all our USA Dakar guys bring it home.


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2019 Sonora Rally Schedule of Events (preliminary)

Saturday, March 16th - San Luis Rio Colorado - Rally School and Early Registration
17:00 Early registration opens - Araiza Hotel
19:00 Early registration closes - Araiza Hotel
19:00 Rally School - Araiza Hotel

Sunday, March 17th - San Luis Rio Colorado - Tech and Registration
9:00 Registration and Tech Inspections open - El Bosque
10:00 Rally School Roadbook Test Loop opens - Hwy 197
14:30 Parc Ferme opens - El Bosque
16:00 Registration and Tech Closes - El Bosque
18:00 Rally Orientation for first time racers - Araiza Hotel
20:00 Drivers/Riders Briefing - Araiza Hotel

Monday, March 18th - SS1 SLRC to La Salina (camping only, no hotels)
9:00 Start of Liaison - El Bosque
9:30 Start of Stage 1 San Luis Special - Hwy 197
13:30 First Finisher of Stage 1 - La Salina
18:00 Dinner by JH Steak - La Salina Bivouac
20:00 Drivers Briefing - La Salina Bivouac

Tuesday, March 19th - SS2 La Salina to Puerto Peñasco
8:00 Start of Stage 2 La Salina Loop - La Salina Bivouac
13:00 First Finisher of Stage 2 - Peñasco Del Sol
18:00 Dinner Peñasco del Sol BBQ - Peñasco Bivouac
20:00 Drivers Briefing - Peñasco Bivouac

Wednesday, March 20th - SS3 Puerto Peñasco to Puerto Libertad (camping only, no hotels)
7:00 Start of Stage 3 Sonora Explorer - El Golfo Playa
14:00 First Finisher Stage 3 - Puerto Libertad
18:00 Dinner by Suzuki - Puerto Libertad
20:00 Drivers Briefing - Puerto Libertad

Thursday, March 21st - SS4 Puerto Libertad to Kino Magico
9:00 Start of Stage 4 - Puerto Libertad
9:30 Start of (Stage 4) Etapa de Seris - Puerto Libertad
13:30 First Finisher Stage 4 TBD
18:00 Sunset Dinner at Mariscos - Bahia Kino Magico
19:00 Drivers Briefing - Kino Magico

Friday, March 22nd - SS5 Kino Magico to Hermosillo
9:00 Start of Stage 5 - Kino Magico
12:00 First Finisher Stage 5 - Hermosillo
13:00 First Bike Podium - Parque La Ruina
18:00 Cocktail reception - Parque La Ruina
19:00 Awards Ceremony - Parque La Ruina

All times are Arizona time.

PDF Schedule


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Look out guys! Hog Wild has the Sea of Cortez is reserved as an option for the Rally! He may but up to something crazy.

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With 4 of our bivouac locations on or very close to the beach, you're welcome to use a boat as one of your crew vehicles.


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With 4 of our bivouac locations on or very close to the beach, you're welcome to use a boat as one of your crew vehicles.
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On stage 2 this year we have an HP (no road) leg of 23km on a single compass heading. Point your car that way and drive drive drive, beyond the furthest dune hill in sight!


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There may be a couple of UTV and car guys looking for navigators for Sonora Rally. If you have experience on bike or in a car and would like to be part of a team, please let us know so we can put you in contact with the right guys.


How are the Bivouacs for camping at Puerto Penasco and Bahia Kino? I'm guessing the bivouac at Puerto Penasco is adjacent to the hotel as before and Bahia Kino is in the parking lot for the waterpark?
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It's the same in Penasco as previous years, in the fenced parking area overlooking the beach adjacent to the hotel. I'm not sure in Kino, but I think it's the same as last year. The two major additions from past years are the finish in Hermosillo, and the awesome new remote and private bivouac close to the beach at the end of stage 1.


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How are the Bivouacs for camping at Puerto Penasco and Bahia Kino? I'm guessing the bivouac at Puerto Penasco is adjacent to the hotel as before and Bahia Kino is in the parking lot for the waterpark?
Kino bivouac will be at the water park. There are raised palapas you can camp on and there are showers and toilets there as well. Dinner and drivers meeting will be at the restaurant adjacent to the park where the awards were last year.


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Quick reminder to those of you who were planning on signing up for Sonora Rally. Regular entry fees end on Friday! After late fees apply, so get those entries in.

Also, for those of you who have registered, some reminders:

Custom Forms:
Please go to Customs Form - Sonora Rally 2019 and fill out your customs form.

Please register your Spot or InReach device with Sonora Rally. Please go to the following link and provide all needed information. SPOT
You can not pass tech without your Spot/InReach registration completed!

All support and media vehicles must show Proof of Mexican liability insurance. Miguel Rico of Instant Mexico Insurance will be on hand to assist racers and crew at registration if you do not have insurance. You will need proof of insurance in order to receive your support vehicle bivouac access decals. We are offering a special liability policy for support vehicles if you wish to be covered on and off road. Please contact: [email protected]

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Ricky Brabec is returning to the Yokohama Sonora Rally!

. . . with other heavy hitters like Colton Udall, Justin Morgan, Casey Currie, PJ Jones, Chris Blais, Skyler Howes, Garrett Poucher, Scott Bright and more.

Reminder: Get your entry in by tomorrow, February 15th to beat the entry fee increase and the 60 entry limit. Entry 2019