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Bomberos for Baja

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Hi there
My name is Ross Burden.
I am 1/2 of the Vancouver BC Canada based desert racing team that competed in the 2007 and 2008 BAJA 1000.
2007 was a disaster, 2008 we finished 6th in class 5/1600 #559 dor Erich Reisen.
Erich and i are both fulltime firefighters with the city of Vancouver. We schedule our holidays so we can make it to Baja and hope to build our team and compete in other score races. It sucks that we have to drive a thousand to race a thousand but at least we are on the same continent and the I5 drives straight south. We are new to racing but have many adventures on the Baja. Last year we didnt prerun a single mile, the car wasnt ready till race day. This year we plan to have some time to do so.
Desert Racing is a live and well in Canada's west coast and we are looking to find other teams if there are any up here.
and remember
you only live once!!!!!!!!

Michael Webb

Eh from Cold Lake Alberta. I saw your post and as of this moment, I'm a race team in development. I'm pursuing the dream to build a buggy that will compete in the Score series and also the BITD series. I could use all the help in the racing community right now as all I have for experience is my dream!!! I may even be giving up my career in the Canadian Forces to make this happen, not a great idea, I know, but there's good reason for that. I look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone!