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You can't buy the first Dust To Glory anymore???


This morning while I was sitting trackside at the ultra 4 race in Reno in the SDHQ race support trailer a customer asked me if I had any copies of the original Dust to Glory.

"No, But I should. I'll make sure we order some and add that to my inventory" I told him.

He went on to tell me that he couldn't find them anywhere online. Amazon had used ones but they were sold out. He said he has been trying to get a copy for a long time and hasn't been able to. I found this hard to believe so I did a quick search on my phone and couldn't find a copy to buy either.

Admittedly I only put a very small effort into trying to source these so far since I am at a race track in a rock quarry with horrible data abilities but still. It's weird to me that this movie isn't readily available to buy online.

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Dang, I had 2 copies and loan one out, eventually just told him to keep it. Never thought itd be hard to get a copy

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I have given more copies away that I care to admit, because non racing friends thought the movie was cool when I showed it to them, but I knew they wouldn't go buy it.

I think I have one copy left. It is my "claim to fame" since I can be seen several times in it.

Mike @ pit b

It's on Netflix.

Who buys movies any more anyways? Stream it, like the market has dictated us to do.


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I actually watched it on Netflix this morning!

I have a copy somewhere still. Guess I need to make sure to put it somewhere safe.


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I've got the DVD in my collection and the soundtrack on my YouTube music list already but a place to look for it is Barnes and Noble bookstore