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You HAVE to see this!!!!


What A Joke
I happened to be filiming this weekend at Ocotillo Wells on Sunday night and people were jumping near Devil's Slide. Things were going good for a while untill this happened!

You HAVE to right click and do Save File As or they wont work!

High Quality:

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.pencilart.com/toyotacrashdamage.wmv>http://www.pencilart.com/toyotacrashdamage.wmv</A>

You HAVE to right click and do Save File As or they wont work!

I cant beleve I actually got it on film heh. The video is already on the way to Real TV because one of the people there worked for them! It should be on in a month or so.

There was a chick driving the White Tacoma that was coming up the back side of the jump. My friend was the passanger. Neither was even scratched! But the truck is a total loss!

The other toyota was someone camping at our camp with us. He had a full cage that went all the way to the front bumper and nothing was even bent on it! The only damage to his truck was a flat tire and the cab was barley pushed down on the front right corner! No, his fenders didnt brake off, he didnt have any. He also had seats and full belts which really saved him! Noone in this truck was scratched! We drove his truck away.

As far as I know both of the drivers got DUI's. They took both of the drivers to the ranger station in handcuff's. Both Drivers were 19 years old.

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I cant believe that. The guy that rolled his truck looked completely at fault to me, and the other was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sucks it happened, and I am glad everyone was alright, but "DRUNKS, Gotta love 'em!" They keep things interesting and entertaining anyways.

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What A Joke
Well actually that chick in the tacoma had been jumping it all night! Then she came back up the backside of the jump!

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I just got back from OCO and missed this. I heard about it when I was out there. OUCH!

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I can't belive that more damage wasn't done to the truck that was jumping. All of those people are lucky! Is our desert getting more dangerous? I have hit a dirtbiker once on a blind corner at no fault to either one of us in Cal city, and luckly the biker only walked away with a broken wrist. I saw that other video with the same circumstance with jumping over a hill and hitting another truck. And I know of many deaths that have happened that same way with bikes. Is there anything that we can do to prevent this? More DUI enforcement? I dont like being hassled while in the desert, but will more rangers help? Also, a lot of the accidents dont envolve DUI, and is a visual factor. What can we do??
Shaun.... Common sense. Dont drive up the back of a jump. Dont stand and film with a group of people watching two trucks go head on. Things like that.. This is similar to the best in the desert thing. Lets film high speed rollovers and not flag the racers down. People would rather see carnage then warn people.


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I think it just goes to show that God loves stupid people, because he made so many of them. Morons like the chick in the video give places and the people assosciated with the palces a bad name. I am all for boozin it up and gettin loose in the desert, but do it at camp if you are unable to control yourself. I know that liquid courage over powers many, but the broad in the Toyota was a jackass in the first place for hammering on a stock toyota and then to go over a jump on the wrong side!! I am surprised she didnt have any people in the bed while doing it.

The same type of thing happened to a friend at Glamis over thanksgiving, but he was on a dirtbike and the other guy was in a Bronco going up the backside of a jump....Totalled Bronco and 2 broken femurs for the guy in the bike...idots ruin the the fun all the time.


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First I want to say to the guy who was taking the video what the heck were you doing? You wouldn't try to stop one of the trucks? Also to the guy driving the truck that was jumping, you didn't have a spotter standing on the jump telling you when it was clear? I'm sorry, it just upsets me when I see people who enjoy carnage. What would have happened if that was a quad or a motorcycle? I'm all for jumping and having a good time, but how good of a time is it when you get hauled off to jail for vehicular manslaughter? And to the guy who said that how could the girl be so stupid to drive up the backside of the jump, you have to understand that stupid people have the cards stacked against them. I'm not trying to take her side, but the chicks and your buddies won't think that you are any less cool, if you back off, and hit the jump again. I know that I have been out in the dunes at Glamis, and all in a sudden I see some moto landing tracks, and I am thankful that most guys have someone spotting them, so they don't kill someone. It's all about using your head, and yes the liquid courage can do wonders for you, but I find it hard to believe that everyone who was out there, was f*cked up beyond understanding, because then everyone would have been lying on the ground, passed out.
Just my .02 for whatever its worth.
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Ok guys you need to understand a few things.

First I was the person filming. I do not see anything wrong with standing at the top of a jump filming people. We were doing it all night and it was perfectly safe.

THERE WAS NOTHING WE COULD DO TO STOP IT. Because the way the chick came up the other side was this:

She came up from the side, not totally on the back side. We did not know that she was going to keep going. Also there was a ton of people yelling and waving her to stop but she just ignored them. If you turn up the sound you can hear all the people yelling to stop. She did not start to come up untill he was at the bottom of the jump so there was not a lot of time to react. What more do you expect people to do? Jump infront of the trucks when one if going 40MPH and hope he can stop before he hits YOU??

Second, neither of the drivers were "DRUNK" they were just under 21 so any level of Alcohol is considered a DUI. I was with the guy driving the toy jumping and he only had 2 beers all night! As far as the chick I do not know how much she was drinking but she was totally comprehendable when we went over to the truck after she crashed.

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Ok Fish,
I am not trying to put all the blame on you, but I am having trouble understanding how this jumping was perferctly safe, if one truck was totaled, and the other truck rolled? And like I said in the previous post, who was spotting the guy in the truck? You said you were with him all night, so were you spotting him? Yes it's all great that everyone was yelling at the girl. Did anyone wave off the driver of the truck who was jumpping? Now I know there is nothing we can do about what happened. We can see the footage. I would just like to keep it from happening in the future.
This is almost identical to when the Nissan and Audi hit. I don't understand why that girl, who had been doing that jump all night drove up the back side. She knew thats where people launch off of, and I think if you see two big crowds off people, its not real smart to drive between them.

Some people just have no common sence. And now her truck is ruined because of it. (lets hope it was hers on not someone elses truck)

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Well there actually was a bunch of people spotting like I said before even the rangers were sitting there. The chick in the tacoma had been stopped on the side of the jump and then she started to go forward. Why she did this I do not know. I knew there was no cars coming when he started to go and then I was looking at him coming to the jump. When she started to go forward he was on the bottom of the jump. There is no way to wave at someone in less than a second! If the chick would have stayed sitting where she was when he was approaching the jump there would have been no accident!

Its a lot easier to say what you did wrong afterwards and sometimes stuff happens that just couldn't be prevented. Thats where they came up with the saying "I failed spelling Happens"

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It's too bad that people don't have common sense. It seems that it takes something horrific to happen before people realize the dangers of offroading. And honestly, I was stupid before something bad happened with me too. I think that video's like this one are good examples to show stupid people what can happen, and that you need to be real carefull. There are no road signs, or dotted lines to follow, so just think, if you are on a single lane trail goin 60mph, that someone could be doin the same thing toward you, and they could be on a bike. Don't go into the desert unexperianced with your spankin new truck and rip around! Take it easy until you learn the ways of the desert.


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So it is True, I posted this on the Glamis tragedy, So my buddy was right about it. Man good thing nobody was seriously injured from that. I guess lots of people saw it happen but nobody did anything to keep it from happening. Supposably it was too dark to run in front of a bunch of drunks behind the wheel..


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Fishdood, Don't take this as a personal attack, because it's not mean't to be. But you state "There was nothing we could do." Well why not take an extra ten minutes before everyone starts hitting the jump and lay out some ground rules. I.E. designated starting area, designated landing and run-off area, and a route away from from both to return back. Have anyone who wants to be involved in such a thing get together and explain this to them before hand. It's simple communication. Better yet, do that type of thing during the day, save the nighttime for boozin and B.S'n. Spend a couple of extra bucks and buy a set of those personal radios, that way the spotters at both ends can tell each other whats going on.

You have posted at least three(correct me if I'm wrong) videos showing collisions at the desert in the past 4 or 5 months, all at night, maybe or maybe not involving alcohol. Some thing just isn't right. All I'm saying is do somethingto try and stop what I saw in this video. That takes someone to step up and do what's right for everyone. Because I don't think you would have been so quick to post that video if your friend would have been seriously hurt, or worse killed. From the looks of it, it was only a foot or two that kept the worst from becoming reality. In my profession, I see fun turn into tragedy far to often, and I don't want to see it happen to you or your friends. If anyone feels I stepped out of line, don't hesitate to say so.

P.S. Fishdood, I'll be at the off road expo at E.C. this Sat. if you want to talk about this some more. I'll be driving the red white and blue ranger with the dog kennel in back.


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Sometimes accidents happen. I can hear people trying to stop them. How many people really put spotters out? I think I would rather go to Octillo wells area than Glamis because the off-road crowd is not so invaded by the "punks in a truck looking for a party crowd".I think a lot of people look down at me when I show up in a race truck and don't jump it to the moon but these are good examples of why I dont not to mention I dont need to break the truck. You might say better to break now than later but who is to say you will hit the same angles or same height ... ect as during the race? I would love to see Robbie or Curt as well as others do some of the things that they do on a big weekend at Glamis but I could never go. You cant even drive around with your wife without the posibility of her being gropped and then "GAME ON" and the next thing you hear is mad man in racetruck runs over group.

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you have some good points. I agree with all of them. Only thing is that its kinda hard to do all those when there is a couple hundred people there and people are just going everywhere. Thats why you didnt see my jumping my truck on any of the big weekends of videos I have posted. People will only listen to you so much. I never jump anything without a spotter and when I can be I am the spotter. I was trying to help out there this weekend but there was just to many people that didn't care and even if you told them to stop or do something they didnt listen because they were lit!

The reason why I have posted like 3 or 4 videos of crashes is because I was just there. I always have my camera with me and I always film people jumping. You can almost always count on a head on crash every holiday weekend at Devil's Slide just because there are to many people there and they don't think!

I will be back out there Presidents Day and Easter. If anyone wants to help me try and control the people jumping with helping me spot or something you are more than welcomed!

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That is awesome footage fish. I was out in Ocotillo this weekend too (left sunday afternoon so I guess I missed the excitement). Saturday night we just stopped for 30 seconds at the top of devils slide and my buddies truck almost got hit by some guy who was trying to look like he knew what he was doing. I am with JCA about the jumping. My bro used to get the same reactions in his old truck, some people even would go as far to yell out various names including but not limited to parts of the female anatomy. Honestly, I like seeing trucks stay on the ground through gnarly sections not catching air.
Devils on a busy weekend is a little crazy but I just park on the little hills on the other side.


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ouch!!! got to love those stupid human tricks.

drive fast and take chances!!


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Second, neither of the drivers were "DRUNK" they were just under 21 so any level of Alcohol is considered a DUI. I was with the guy driving the toy jumping and he only had 2 beers all night! As far as the chick I do not know how much she was drinking but she was totally comprehendable when we went over to the truck after she crashed.


You ever notice that whenever a person is questioned about being drunk/drinking - and they have been drinking - that they always give the same answer.

<font color=green>Cop asks Pulledoverguy if he's been drinking tonight.</font color=green>

<font color=red>Pulledoverguy responds: "Well I had 2 beers"</font color=red>

A better answer would be. "it depends on what your definition of 'tonight' is"

What is it about <font color=red>2</font color=red> beers anyway? That the magic number or something?