You know me as squeege


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Hi all,

My real name is Scott Rodgers. I live in Sacramento with my wife Karen of 8 years and my 18 month old Emma. I race in VORRA under the new T-class (open truck class). My wife (Karen or K-2) and I have been a long time friends with the Jack-ass, Locos Mocos crew, Total Chaos, and VORRA locals. We have been providing pit support for the KOENIG racing team for many years up untill the last two when I finaly started racing my 94 Ranger. Now I am broke and so is my checking account HA HA (I guess that's what happens when you start racing). I have been viewing race-dezert ever sense Curtis and Klaus started it and figued it was about time I start helping in areas that I have some knowledge, as well as asking for guidance in areas where I am lacking. Looking forward to making some new gear-head friends.