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Your all time favorite short course trucks


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Thought it'd be neat to have people post up some of there all time favorite short course trucks through the years. I was watching some old racing videos from the CORR days the other night and realized how many bad mf'n trucks we had.

So, post up some pictures of your favorites!

Some of my all time favorites from when I was a kid till now.

Chad Hord's Nissan P2

Rick Huseman's Fabtech Toyota

Josh Baldwin's Ford

Kyle LeDuc's Steelo

Tyler Smith's Super Truck that I had the pleasure of driving/testing at Fall Crandon '15

Also, Luke Johnson's Pro Lite in vintage Chevrolet Racing livery at Fall Crandon '15


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Scott Taylor's center seat Pro 2. I'll have to get a pic up when I get home unless someone else has one handy,


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Rob Macs Rockstar trucks are always great looking, and I especially like the reversed Rockstar colors when Tanner Foust races one of Robs trucks.


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Gotta include Evan Evans just for the simple fact he did it all with hand controls . He was truely the epitome of NEVER GIVE UP !


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I've posted these pics a couple of times in different threads but they fit here as well . These were taken at the same as the Scott Taylor pic above when the CORR series came to Unadilla NY .
image.jpeg image.jpeg