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Your Dream Ride for DAKAR


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I’m mostly, over on the Short Course Page...But I’ve been a fan of The Dakar, since I was a kid...the whole adventure of it...Fascinated me!

So for some fun...what’s your dream ride, for the Rally! If you could build anything, and attack The DAKAR!!!!! What’s mine?

Off-Road Rally MUSTANG! The dream of the fastest Horse in the Desert.

That’s mine...WHAT’S YOUR????

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Chris Tobin

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The Hummbuggy on a revised diet with a version of the 2.8L Duramax Diesel found in the Colorado/Canyon trucks or the 4.5L Duramax V8 if GM ever puts it into production!!!

Body work could be Colorado ZR2!!!

Dirty Harry

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Brenthels just posted a new CAD design of a race vehicle which looks fir for Dakar... Interesting
They built the car that Peter Hajas drove as Dakar Challenge winner in 2013 but I haven’t seen anything Dakar-related from them since.