Your favorite offroad moments...


Jordan made a good post on another board the other day and I thought I would start it over here. What are some of your most memorable offroad moments? Here are a few of mine...

-Getting a ride in PCI's truck...ruined for life...

-Going to Ocotillo for the first time and jumping my truck for the first time. Thanks Ryan for starting the vicious cycle

-Same trip, getting stuck on Blowsands and me and Ryan digging my truck out.

-Trip to Joshua Tree taking out my Long Travel for the first time.

-Last Ocotillo trip bonzen at night with Ryan Lewis, was too used to going slow in Rangers, was a nice break!

-Barstow in January and bottoming out so damn hard it broke my fiberglass fender and gave me and my brother a concusion.

-Racing DDAY and breaking all 4 of my lights off the Beldin jump.

-Working on my truck with my bro installing 62", fuel cell, etc. Learned a lot.

-Turning on my light bar the first time in the desert...just glad to finally be able to see at night lol

-Hitting the whoop section below Devils slide for the first time with my truck how it is now.

-Going to my first Score race last Primm and watching TT's go by 10 feet away.

And too many more I can't share on this board


What A Joke
-San Felipe '03 one of the best ever!! Hitting that jump by the Herbst hotel like 4 times with the map in the middle!!
-Winning the MDR Ridgecrest Race this year!
-Jan 6th trip to Barstow with Camburg Cronies....way to much fun.
-Every single trip to Ocotillo
-Ocotillo night runs especially "****Fest 2002"
-Ocotillo "Under the Bridge"
-Flying by Camburg after they rolled and giving Jerry the "rev"
-Barstow Wildwash Race making it 800ft....5 hours later doing 1 lap
-Trip to Ocotillo where my hoops bent in 5min and then brakes went out and then power steering caught on fire while driving next to Bel down the wash and not being able to stop because of brakes!
-Glamis Pres Day showing up Rails who thought they were badass jumping a step up
-"Free Bumpers" Me and Ryan building a bumper for a friend and then 2 kids coming over wanting us to build them a bumper and they say "Oh you guys charge?"

Way Way to many to list I could go on for days.


1998 B1K - Camping on the beach at Erindera, listening to the peaceful ocean waves on the rocks below and then hearing the beautiful noise of a Trophy Truck.


great thread idea.

The first 500 i went to in 1996 and watching Jimmie Johnson fly down the goat trail.
Helping Robby change a flat at the first bitd vegas 200.
Filming the start of the 2k1? b500 where like 5 cars rolled and no one was injured.
Doing THE video shoot with Klaus, Jamie and Johnny Campbell.
Helping Callaway in the 12 car down the goat trail when he had 2 front flats and was blocking the road, I was doing the steering with the front bumper while cars where pilling up behind him and revving their engines.
Getting almost runned over by a runaway trophy truck (scott mckinney ) tire at laughlin in 96 or 97.
My first desert race on a bike.
My first desert race on a car.
First time i walked 15+ miles at a race in order to find a "decent" filming area.
Meeting many of the great people of the sport.
Being amongst the first to see the Herzog Trailblazers.
Reading your comments on my videos and hearing people talk about them without them knowing it was me that put them together.

...and of course, the list goes on and on.


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My most meroable moments would have to be the night before my very first race . Aj and I got to Barstow at about 10 pm the night before . We had just gotten done putting the truck together that day . We wanted to prerun the course and to make sure everything was ok with the truck . Everything was going great until the lights got dim . We had forgotten to hook up an exciter wire to the alternater . The truck died and wouldn't run so we started walking back towards the main . It was about an 11 mile walk with the temperature at about 26 degrees . I didn't have my suit on and i was just wearing sandals shorts and a flannel . That was one of the funniest three hour walks of my life . The next day was great . After we towed the truck back to camp and still couldn't figure out the problem , we decided to just switch out the battery every other lap . It worked and we won the race by almost two hours , lapping second place twice .

Some other are :

Coming down Oldsmobile Hill at Glamis in fourth gear at 5500 rpm launching off the lip at the bottom . What a rush !!

Learning the importance of a helmet and roll cage padding when I knocked myself out on the landing of a jump and gave myself a concussion . Chromolly makes this neat ringing sound when it hits your bare head .

Kartek 400 2001 doing over 90 mph and having the steering sheer off the ranger . co driver says " what's that noise " then hold on !!

Kartek 400 2002 Needing a new spine after" the wall " on the first lap .

Agree with Fish .......... 800 ft race . What A Joke !!

First Samurai we ran in the dez . Timeless!!

breaking many bones on bikes before I got smart and built a truck .

Too many big jumps and bad landings to list !!

Dan Vance


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What a great thread!

-The first time I ever drove a race truck....only a stock mini...and only through a parking lot...but still something never to be forgotten.

-Getting a ride in PCIScott's truck back when it was raptor racing...pucker factor number 9.

-Chasing the Raptor truck down the peninsula at th Baja 2000....we almost made it....only 90 miles short.

-Showing up to the nevada 2000 expecting to chase and being asked to co-drive in a protruck for 2 days of the a wetdream.

-Being able to finally race my own truck....and win.

But still the all time greatest off-road memory that I have, and still sends chills down my spin everytime I think about it I owe to my arch rival Dan Vance
....Last 5 miles of the wildwash two years ago head to head...words can not describe the rush.

-and too many other great desert trips with the boys.


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My first Mexico race: 1992 Baja 500.
Coming down from Mike's approaching Valley T, I lost the buggy on "Walker Evans Curve." For some strange reason, it didn't roll but we slid all the way down the crevasse. My co-rider soiled his Nomex (uttering expletives I had never heard before), some locals threw us a huge rope and yanked us out. Co-driver never said a word to me until the driver change at the power station and remains brain-stunned till this day. Now I ride a dirt bike by there at least once a month and a huge grin somehow appears.



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Basically every desert trip has yeilded some crazy/funny/scary/off the hook moments.....The only reason I can remember most of them is because I have it on video tape.....many of my friends will be stoked to see that stuff some day and many more girls will not be so stoked......but either way I wouldnt trade this lifestyle and knowing all you guys and the fun times we have had for anything.

Ok theres the sentimental speech for the day.

-Ryan aka Bonzen

"Still Dirty"...august 2003


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Here is some of mine...
First time ever seeing an off-road race. I was just out riding with my bro and dad, when my bro pulled off the trial, then my dad behind him, then when I got turned around, I heard a beast flying through the desert. I turned off course in time to miss getting hit by a Truggy.(I think it was the Moser MDR Truggy)
First time to a SCORE race was the 95 Fireworks 250. The 3rd car through our camp was the Riviera car driven by Post. He pulled right into our camp and we all knew exactly what to do as we changed our first flat on a race car.
On that same trip, we wittnessed Walker and Ivan racing to the turn just befor the finnish line. As they came too close together and collided, Walker went up on two wheels and started "drifting" towards us and our cars. He ended up sliding right into a ESPN cameraman. RIP
At the 97 Laughlin race, my dad and I almost got ran over by Lonny Helmbolt in Mighty Mouse(the ex-Rob McCachren TT on air shocks.)
Then in 98 at Laughlin I filmed Lonny flipping his other TT and ended up meeting with him and becoming good friends.
I have many many more but once I start writing about this stuff, I could go on and on and on.


Jerry Maguire
Here are some of mine...

Discovering off-road racing by accident back in 1993 when my dad and I were on a surf trip in Punta Cabras on the same weekend as the Baja 500. Hooked ever since.

Chasing at the Baja 2k and getting to drive the race truck from the finish line all the way to the hotel lobby with the entire crew hanging on and drinking beer!

The first time I got to co-ride in the truck at Laughlin and winning!

Going head to head with Marc Stein off the starting line and racing to the first corner in Laughlin. "Exchanging paint" :)

First time I drove a race car through contingency at the B1k and signing autographs for all the little kids like I was the star!

All the wonderful I've met that share the same love I do.

Gabe Lara

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Well, a few of mine ...

Making all of the incredible friends I have through RDC!!!

Taking Johnny B. to his first Mex race in SF... and leading him to bellieve "machaca" is "dog"!

The smile on a drivers face when he crosses the finish line...

Seeing the first TT's race way back in the day in Class 1...

The old Firecracker races in Barstow... when they ran main pit in the back of the college...

Listening to Steinberger describe how friggin FAST his TT is compared to his Pro Truck for the first time...

Riding shotgun this year at the Laughlin Leap in the Lugo/ Stewart Truggy, and triggering the fireworks... (Thanks again to Wayne, Craig and their Crew!!)

Shooting the '03 San Felipe race from 800 feet up... and Hoffman's burnout!!

RG drifting the entire Ojos road crossing, and getting the shot! (Look for it in DP2!)

Damn... just way too many to list... but the best part is, it just keep GROWING!!!



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My very first desert race ever, the Lucerne 300. Going out and camping the night before with my two best friends, and every race since then ( thanks Colin and Travis).

My very first Ocotillo trip with my other best friend Jared.

The Stoddard 250 when Colin first got his Total Chaos kit and wanted to "test" it, we beat the crap out of that little 4WD Toyota ( and still do). And having all of our camping gear in the back too, watching it fly everywhere but out of the truck. Also watching car #109 and Harley Letner in his TT laungh off the Hodge Road crossing.

D-day. And after D-day Greg giving me a ride in his Ranger at the ROR, OMG that was fun! And also every single race at the ROR.

Thrashing my buddy Morgan's Explorer in Barstow ( actually across the street from VMC at Snad Blast last year). And a year ago rolling it in a desolate field in San Dimas ( at the corner of Arrow and San Dimas Ave.) with 4 people in it, and me being in the back seat, luckily it had a cage ( it was built by T&J's to race stock mini, so it mashed!)

My first "big" race, the LV 200. Me and Colin driving up the night before, leaving Hemet at 9:00pm, and getting to Primm at 12:30am, the learning we had to spend the night in Colin's truck with no blankets or pillows ( a standard cab '88 Toyota with race seats). Race day watching Kyle Taylor, Jeffries, and the Weyhrichs at pit 3 at speed, holy crap!

Laughlin, the whole damn trip! On the way there screwing around in my Dad's truck ( the Nevada cruiser-haha), with me, Colin, Travis, and Jared. Getting kicked out of the 76 station in Needles by a guy who had the biggest mullet I'd ever seen, damn that was funny! The night life at the Caboose Lounge, the racing. Getting up at 4:00am to get a good spot to watch, and seeing the first class 11 and all 4 of us yelling Yeah! at the same time, guess you had to be there.

The Parker 425, going riding the day before. Travis mudbogging, and also getting stuck trying to rescue some girls that had their quad stuck already. FInding out that Kyle finished third after a long day of racing, made our day.

Riding with Fish in El Tortuga at the Mojave 250, one of the best rides I've ever had.

My first point to point race, the TT 250, just plain awesome.

I tried to fit alot of good times in that reply, but not even close.


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Blowing up a motor on the way back from stateline, and seeing the very next prerunner pull over and help us out. Losing a fuel pump on the 15 heading back from Barstow, and having the overall winner of the race (Dave Massingham) pull over and get us into town to find another pump and get my ass home in one piece. Working a roadcrossing on Stoddard Wells road ALONE during a fireworks race and having some nice people feed and water me. That kind of stuff isn't really exciting, but it shows you the spirit and integrity of people in this sport... A handshake is as good as a contract, and a promise to work at a Mexican roadcrossing 600 miles from home for a day and a half means you'll BE THERE.. Meeting the legends of the sport out in the middle of nowhere.. Being trusted to work at the start line of a world-famous event in a professional capacity... Recognizing lots and lots of people when you're in the desert, so it's not such a forbidding place... Meeting some incredibly talented fabricators who are part artist-part mad scientist... Smelling racing gas and going deaf while standing between Trophy Trucks at Laughlin...


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coriding with Bruckmann and Hatz in 1999 winning overall championships in both SCORE and MDR !

winning 2 CODE races overall in a 1600.

racing every desert race imaginable in 99 (thanks Vic)

99 baja 500 , changing a tire at Mikes Sky Ranch being down 25 minutes at that point , to mounting a ferrocious comeback and beating Bekki and Adam Wik by 14 seconds ! (i could talk about this one race all day as SO much happened , like the Honda line in the mud hills , or the cylinder head and rocker arm stand falling to the ground in pieces at the finish line , when we pulled the rocker cover off for tech)

crashing my buddies 9 car at ocotillo wells (first time driving a race car at night....ouch ... blacked out , when i came to i was on the other side of highway 78 )

first trip to Glamis .... arriving at night went straight by comp hill (about 10 o'clock pm ) thought i had found the "Lost City of Atlantis"

Baja2k with the Brookshires , 69 hours awake , Vic realizing an Arm 10 isnt as nimble as a 16 car , stuck in the middle nowhere with 4 flats , no spare remaining , 50 miles from my pit , all i can do is offer moral support . later on changing 3 batteries and 3 alternators , because someone had put tie down on amber light wire shorting out and burning up entire wiring harness.

august 2000 115 degrees , first crash on my CR , just got my first bike had gone to glamis for a couple of night trips , buds wanted to go on a day ride in ocotillo , rode all day dranks 2 gallons of water , 2 minutes from camp on the last ride of the day , 5th gear pinned in san felipe wash , speed wobbles and bang , over the bars , ouch !

sorry to write so much haha , good times !!

a toast to the future ... and to all the friends i've made along the way !


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Ive had some very fun moments but the top three are each of the times ive ridden with KYLE TAYLOR in the Trophy Truck. The only bad thing is after you get out of it, everything else you ride in just feels slow.


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* Riding with PCI Scott to a class win at the 2001 Baja 1000
* Seeing my kids become addicted to off-roading and Baja and seeing the same influence their lives for the positive.
* Extended bullshitting with a relaxed and cordial, Sal Fish on the fourth day of the finish line of the Baja 2000. IMSO, Sal is "very good people".
* Spectating with close friends and family at Bahia Almejas (Punta Cabras).
* Finishing the 2000 BITD, LV200 by the light of a dome light.
* A salute from the lone Ranchero in Baja as we race by.
* Prerunning anywhere in Baja.
* Being able to make a difference for the sport with our work.

See you in Baja!


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The petrified dog painted flourescent pink behind the college in Barstow as a course marker for a fireworks race.

Finding our rim, tire, and the remains of the front drum in pouring rain aafter the Soutars 250, Tom Moesner let us borrow his old prerun baja to look for the tire/rim in the rain...we laughed sao hard as the left wiper tried to beat the right wiper into submission we almost drove off the 15.

Riding beach cruisers from the Circus Circus campground all the way to the drag strip in Vegas for a Mint Race...It was only 105!

The face of the Sheriffs Deputy in Yerington as we explained why the lawn chair burst into flames on Labor Day during severe fire danger warning.

Watching Dave Brown fly his Baja Bug, skipping the switchbacks down the Big Hill at Virginia City.

Too many to list!!!



- Seeing Jim Smith overshoot a pit in Laughlin (95ish) going downhill in a hurry at nigh time.
- Outrunning or (hanging even) with the Moser Truggy during a MDR race in the drylake in my Blazer when it had one of the "fast" engines in it.
- Anything Robby Gordon in a TrophyTruck
- Waiting during the 1000 in the pine tree forest for the first TT to come by...hearing it echo for 10 minutes+ before it then roars by in a blink...then wait again for a long time for the next vehicle.
- Getting introduced to the sport by the SCORE ESPN news around 1995, Bob Bower and Dave Despain. Then years later have Bob Bower compliment me on our video.
- June 15th we will debut dezertpeople2 at the Galaxy in Santa Ana. That day will most likely be the most memorable day of this year for me.
- Co-Riding with Dan Vance, Rick Taylor and Patelli during a race.
- Reading approval e-mails from fans of this site (means a lot to me, even though I may take my time to reply).
- Breaking down in Baja, hopeless situation, but then overcome the impossible, fix it and make it home.
- At this point 99% of my friends are in the sport. The way I met each one has a story to it.

Thats what comes to mind right away...I am sure there is more to it


Bait Fish
Having my copilot water his suit at mile 45 of the 2001 san felipe 200, h forgot to pee when we started, and forgot to pee when we got a tire change at mile 15.

Running my first race, whithout ever being in a race car before, almost had an adrenaline coma and shitting my pants at the same time. Took me 4 1/2 hrs to do one lap, eeybody was doing 1 hr20 min. !!!! (clutch, rod end, carb trouble, stuck 2 times, electrical mess, no radios, no cell phone, had to get there)

Winning the Tecate race(with FUD/CODE) and mexicali to san felipe race in 2001, thought i was the gut to beat on 2002......

DNFing all 6 races for 2002 !!!!!!!!!

First flip in el tiburon, and still winning TECATE race !!!

Having some crazy ass germans (4 to be exact)party at my SF house at the San Felipe 200 this year !!!!

Having a total stranger return a flat tire in a centerline rim after the race, confirming once again the camaradery (sp) in off road racing to be the best people on earth !!!!

el tiburon herido