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I always find it interesting to see the answer to this question:
What is your favorite Off Road racing vehicle of all time, and why. I'd have to go with Mickey Thompsons yellow single seat "Challenger". He ran it back in 1978. I was 8 years old chasing lizards at the Mint 400 that year and every lap I heard him coming down the pole line road, I would stop what I was doing and stare with my mouth open (not good at a desert race). That thought has stuck in my mind 23 years and counting.


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Wow !!!! Thats a tough one.. There's so many great vehicles. You can go on and on with this thread..... I think mine would have to be the Simon & Simon Roughriders Ford F-150..


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Of all the new vehicles it would have to be the style of John Herders new car. And of the older vehicles I would have a tie between the Big Oly bronco and Robby Gordons early Ford Stepside ( hay hauler).


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My all time favorites...

Big Oly Bronco
BFG Blazer-Scoop Vessels
Steve Kelley-driven/Larry Minor-owned Miller American Class 8 Chevy
Walker Evans' early Class 8 Dodges

These vehicles all had big V8 power, big suspension and in my opinion, commanded a certain "presence". Growing up, my walls were covered with any image of these vehicles I could get my hands on, and the drivers of these trucks were Gods to me! Still are!

Thanks for asking Rory!


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John Swifts Explorer
Manny Esquerras last Ranger
Larry Schwacofers Chevy
Jack Johnsons/ Larry Maddox class 1Jeep
Robby Gordons La Victoria Ranger
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I would also have to go with Simon & Simon's Roughrider Ford F-150.

While spectating the Baja 1000 one year that truck came by me at well over 110 mph, through a whup section with what had to be 2 to 3 foot rollers. I was pelted with rocks so bad I had marks on me for a week. My mouth was open and my heart was racing! My buddy snapped a photo of me just as the truck passed by, documenting that RUSH forever!

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I think the "BEST LOOKING" race cars of all time are Rob Maccachrens lowrider TT. Damen Jeffries new silver truck, and Herders Truggy. These are all just eye catchers. As far as function go I would have to say 2 of the most proven race trucks ever are Manny Esquerras red Motorcraft Ranger, and the Simon and Simons TT. Maybe Troy's truggy as well, because that thing has won a lot of races.


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How about the coolest sounding. I would have to say the Duralast Truck. Its 8 into 1 with a 5 inch exhaust pipe, nothing sounds like it. Its like a formula 1 desert racer.


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Good question, If we are talking old school, Ivan Stewart's Mickey Thompson stadium truck or Ivan's Baja single seater Toyota truck before they were called Trophy Trucks. For current rides, Gordon's Trophy truck, though I had to admit, I dig the Monster Garage trophy truck's paint job but too bad it didn't make it past the 250 mile mark last year.


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Dang Tony_B, how could I forget the Big Oly Bronco. Good one. Yes, I remember Walker Evan's Class 8 Dodges. Talking about Walker, I was at the Off Road Expo in Pomona this past weekend and as I was walking toward my car, my buddy says, "Check out that Escalade" sure enough I look and I see a guy in a big cowboy hat. I said, "It's Walker Evans" he heard as he drove past us with his window down and gave a wave. That guy is a living legend.


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One of the funiest stories I remember my Dad telling me about racing was back in the mid 80's.... one of the last Great Mojave 250's, my Step-mom was working for the DMV and they were at tech green stickering vehicles. One of the questions on the form asked the value of the vehicle, a nameless racer turned to my step-mom and asked, "Is this before or after the race?" HAHA....
As far as my favorite vehicle, I have to go back in the day with a story like Rory's, I think I was about 6 or 7 sliding down the rocks in Lucerne, getting in trouble for ruining a brand new pair of jeans, when barreling through the desert was one of Walker's old 8's with a huge A/C unit on the back - - - It was awesome!!!!

Dan McMillin

The Terrible Herbst Truggy. 10+ years old and still wins races! It works better than any car or truck out there. Hands down.


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I would have to go with the Ivan Stewart Toyota... It was one heluva nice truck.


P.S. this pic is not mine just got it from the web, so I have no clue why that guy is playing golf in the middle of a race



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Dan, I agree with you the truggy is my favorite dez racer I remember seeing it at the first dezert race I had ever been to and, I have liked it since. My favorite ORV is the Ford RS 200 rally car. 2.1 liter 650hp, AWD, 0-60mhp in 2.1 seconds SWEET!:D


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For me it would be a toss up between Big Oly and any of Ivan's trucks.


1. Big Oly, I remember sneaking Olympia's out of my pop's cooler with all the other kids. Who knew what that would lead to?
2. Herbst truggy
3. Pinkie, She has been all over the world and will let anyone drive her. Pinkie is always looking for more desert!


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Arnold, Big Mac, Ivan's last Trophy Truck, Herbst Landshark, Current Herbst TT, the Hay Hauler, Kyle Taylor's TT, Mighty Mouse, and last but not least the Donahoe Racing Ford SuperDuty. Yes, it's new but you gotta love 39" tires and a 6.0 diesel pushing 700hp in a stock class vehicle. It just looks mean too.

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Big Oly 2- Super Hunky's sea anchor -as we used to call it.
Just kidding...

Miss Budweiser Unlimited Hydroplane
The ultimate off-road vehicle.

B2 Stealth Bomber- close second.