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At the end of July, the 30th to be exact, we are returning to PUNTA BANDA for the three-hour race in one of the most unique courses we've ever laid out.
Don't just let me tell you. we will show you...
Check the video link:



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OK, if we haven't convinced you yet to make the trip to Ebsenada and Punta Banda, here is additional information you might like:

California City, CA – July 18, 2016 - Ready for a three-hour or two-hour romp on one of the most beautiful courses we have ever laid out?

Then you have to make the Punta Banda GP #1 = July 30, at Ejido Esteban Cantu in Punta Banda and across from race headquarters, Campo La Jolla.

The MC and ATV race starts, Saturday, July 30 at exactly 10 a.m. until 12 Noon.

The racecourse is rough, fast, challenging and offers an incredible panorama while racing.

This GP is destined to become a Classic and you are going to be some of the first racers to experience such a monumental achievement.

Thanks to our good friends Rafael Ponce, President of the Ejido and, Miguel Pabloff, owner of La Jolla Beach Camp, we have designed a 16-mile course “like no other.”

The UTV, 3-Hour race starts at 1 p.m. on the same course, with all the same challenges, so bring your game-on. We have driven the course several times and every time we go around it we find it to be as challenging as the first lap and as beautiful as any racecourse can be.

Entry fee still remains the same= $400 Pro with $200 paid back per entry – And Spts $200.00 –

The only difference is that UTVs will pay an additional $50 directly to the Mexican Insurance Brokers, who will be there to collect the fee. This is mandatory.

Motorcycles are = $100 Pro and $60 Sportsman, with an additional $25 paid directly to the Mexican Insurance Broker who will be there to collect the fee. This is mandatory..

The Company will be at Registration and Check-in next to our official staff.

Get your reservations in early by calling from the U.S. to Campo La Jolla: 011 52 646 154 2005. Ask for Miguel or Rosario if possible.

Beach RV camping and camping in general will be going fast. The rates are really reasonable, starting at $17.00 per vehicle per night.

Limited hotel rooms are $40 per night

And if you have a group coming with you, you may want to contact Ms. Irka Davis at 702.289.4082 or in Mexico 011.52.646.154.2235 or from the U.S. call her cell at 619.213.2737. She has some neat homes that she can rent you at Campo La Jolla.

Those of you who enter the event early will get from us not only the racecourse GPS files, but we can also send you a “kml” Google Earth file showing you where you can cross at Otay Mesa that will take you all the way into Campo La Jolla and avoid a lot of the traffic.

Be sure to bring all your vehicle registrations, and documents to not only get into Mexico but to get back into the United States.

Get going early and plan for a great weekend for the event.




We are also setting a up a “RIDE” / “DRIVE” on Sunday, courtesy of Campo La Jolla, Ejido Coronel Esteban Cantu and AVE/Baja Promotions, after the awards at 11 a.m. to the depths of the Ejido and to its exclusive beach on the Pacific Ocean that few have ever seen (except for those who live and fish there). Bring your fishing pole, your suntan lotion or simply enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Pacific. It’s a ways into it and all who participate in the RIDE/DRIVE must sign a separate Liability Form and of course, be extremely careful, even though we will guide you at a safe pace (no not racing speeds) but the views will take your breath away.

Hey we just don’t put on races, we give you “EXPERIENCE.”

Attached are the flyers for the event and MC/ATV and UTV entry forms. Entry for the ride/drive will be issued there. All support crews are welcomed, and 4-wheel drive vehicles highly recommended.

Also here are a couple of YOUTUBE links you might enjoy:

See you in Baja in two weeks.

Contact us at for more details or just go to:

Hasta Pronto Amigos.

Lois and Lou Peralta

P.S. If you can’t make it, please forward this to someone who might be interested. We need to impress upon Ensenada that us Americans support Baja events. Lou