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Thanks for the answer. I go back and forth with me and my son trying to decide which is harder on our new turbo 1000. Is there actual written documentation from Polaris saying that it is less destructive overall keeping my RZR in 4 wheel drive, or did you just get this info verbally?
Looks like you guys did some nice work. I watched a video last night. That's a crazy digital dash. And even crazier was the 100+ mph in that thing. Mine was scary over 75 or 80 and I figured guys were lying when they said they did 100. You have proof. You are a real man.
ha thanks Chris, that dash is actually just an overlay on the video - the data was captured through the camera which actually captures video in 360. 99% of the time I was just looking straight ahead and watching the course, i never even looked at a gauge for three days. I will post up once I have all of the video uploaded to YouTube. have a good one.
Do you have Sean's contact info? We met him at Norra and was wondering what happened to him in the race. Were you racing against him? He said there were a few of you that were racing together. Thanks. Pass my info along if you can Sean Yudice 415.760.1878. See you at the Norra 500.
I sent him your contact info.

Yes, I was racing the 1979 Can Am.