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I noticed that you were inquiring about a "chassis kit" - I have one chassis still ready to go - I could provide all chassis parts for you to weld - or a tacked chassis depending on what your preference is. All laser cut and bent
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Yea I was looking into building a class 10 but of course budget it always the hold back so I was looking to see how much something like that would cost. If you tell me what the going price on it would be that would be great.
I finally remembered the truck we were selling. we called it D-PAL

It was this one.

Shes gone now. New owner loves it.

Send me a text - 760-533-5990
I'll text you back some pics
Oh, like $400 a set
They're wired, as I recall for a KTM, so I'd have to refer to someone smarter than me (Ben Fibke) about the wiring depending on what they'll go on. It's quite possible only your bike will need proper wiring and these would be race ready.