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10 Questions With Keegan Kincaid

Keegan Kincaid is one of the rising stars of short course racing and fresh off his win at the Crandon World Championship where he hoisted the Amsoil Cup, we sat down with him to get to know more about the son of racing legend Jeff Kincaid.

RDC – Give us a quick background on your racing career and how you got into racing short course.
Keegan Kincaid – I Started Racing in 2011 when my father and myself built our first pro light together. I grew up watching my father not only race but work and build his race trucks before getting my first opportunity to race at the age of 21

RDC – Your father Jeff is a legend in short course, tell us what its like to have a parent like that and how it’s helped you with your racing career.
KK – My Dad is the main reason behind my success.  Handing down his knowledge has giving me the opportunity to succeed in such a short period.

RDC – Crandon is your hometown, what does it mean to be able to race in front of all your friends and family and to raise that Amsoil Cup over your head on your home turf?
KK – To be able to race at Crandon has always been a dream of mine, but to be able to win the Amsoil Cup in front my family, friends, and fans is the highlight of my career.  Keeping both Crandon Cups at home for my hometown feels amazing.


RDC – It was a pretty special moment when you put your son up on your truck and let him wear the wreath after winning the cup race last weekend. With you being able to be there for a lot of your dads special moments racing, what does it mean to you to be able to have your son there?
KK – To be able to give my son the same opportunity I was given means the world to me.  Off Road racing is a family and generation sport and I look forward to watching my son in the future.


RDC – You also race SST besides doing the full TORC Series, give us your take on the differences between the two types of racing.
KK – SST is a lot of fun and is different then anything I have ever raced.  SST has been racing on asphalt for the past couple of years which takes a lot of self control.  Although the trucks have less horsepower it has helped round my racing skills.  SST is always pushing the limits on what these trucks can do, from over under jumps, to going 130 mph on a road course they put on a show.

TORC and short course is by far my favorite.  There are so many variables that could happen racing in the dirt.  From pulling Tear offs to constantly changing track conditions.  The thrill you get from a 900 hp truck jumping 200 ft is like no other.


RDC – Name your top three movies, TV shows and songs of all time. Go!
KK – Super Troopers, Step Brothers, 22 Jump Street
Cops, Sportscenter, criminal minds
Top songs are always changing

RDC – Where do you see the future of short course going in the next 5-10 years? Do you think it would be better to have one large series or do the racers need two series?
KK – I’m not sure where short course will be but I believe we are headed in the right direction.  Robby Gordon always said short course racing is the best kept secret in racing.  We just have to let that secret go. For me, I’ve always wanted to race against the best, and Crandon is moving in the right direction to do so.


RDC – We always try and explain to people why Crandon needs to be on everyones bucket list. To you what makes this place so special?
KK – For me, Crandon is more than just a couple weekends out of the year. I’m lucky enough to live here all year round with my family, friends, and fans.

Crandon is the INDY 500 of Off road racing.  From the parade on Friday to the parties in Jurassic park.  It’s not just the racing all weekend but the atmosphere Crandon brings.  Crandon continues to grow each year and I look forward to both races all year long.

RDC – If you could line up for turn one in Crandon with 5 other drivers both past and present for the ultimate cup race who would they be and why?
KK – I could give you a full cup line up with all the greats, but the 5 I looked up to growing up are Rob Mac, Johnny Greaves, Scott Taylor, Walker Evans and my dad Jeff Kincaid.


RDC – You guys live at the track or your race shop, but when you get some free time where could we find you?
KK – I enjoy spending time with my family.  Taking time off in the fall shooting guns and hunting with friends.

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