11 Q&A’s With Bryce Menzies

1. What is your racing history?  Prior to a couple years ago most people had not heard of Bryce Menzies yet.

Two years ago I was racing in a Pro-2 in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and then I was also racing a 10 car in the desert.  I started racing when I was ten on dirtbikes but after a lot of injuries I moved into a single buggy and raced CORR.  I won the Single Buggy championship my first year racing Short Course and then I went to Pro-Lite for a year and soon after I made the transition to a Pro-2 which I am now still racing.


2. What does it feel like to win the Baja 500 with a stacked field of big name Trophy Truck drivers? 

It feels amazing to win the Baja 500! It’s been a dream and goal of mine since I started racing and to do it only my second time trying feels awesome.

3. You started first off the line at the 500, how big of an advantage do you feel starting position is?

Starting first off the line was a big advantage.  Having no dust was key but also a lot of pressure was put on us to set the speed for the whole field.  It can also be a disadvantage in some ways because fans/spectators don’t know the first truck is coming through and it can be very dangerous.

4. You are now in the Trophy Truck lead for SCORE series, how much pressure does that put on you for the rest of the season?  Will you turn it down a notch just to get a finish for points rather than pushing for a win?

Being the points leader in the Trophy Truck class puts some pressure on us because everyone is trying to chase us down for that spot.  Being the points leader is huge but we’re not going to change anything about how we go about the rest of the races.  We are going to try and win every race and see how we stand at the end.

5. What personal vehicles do you own?  What is your daily driver?

I have a Range Rover and a F-150.  Both are my daily drivers.

6. You race desert and short course, which one do you prefer?

I don’t prefer one over the other, that’s why I do both.  They are so different in many ways.  I love desert because you get the chance to pre-run with good friends and racing for 10 hours or more in the truck.  Short Course is a 20 min UFC fight at 110% for 20 mins.  They both take lots of skill and practice.

7. If you could take a day learning from any off road driver who would it be?  Why?

It would probably be Robby Gordon because he has been doing it so long and has great car control.  I’ve learned from Rob MacCachren and now have Ricky Johnson as my teammate so Robby would be another great one to learn from.

8. When you are not racing what do you do to keep occupied?

When I am not racing I like to have fun!  Always going to California to go surfing, taking my boat out and family trips.  I try to get out as much as possible but racing takes up a lot of time.

9. Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?

Katy Perry cuz she is smoking hot!

10. If you could improve desert racing what would you like to see changed/added most?

One thing I would like to improve for desert racing would be to have it more exposed to people around the world.  I think it’s the greatest sport and wish more people knew about it.

11. Baja or State side races, which do you prefer?

Baja for sure!  I love racing down there and the people are amazing.  The fact that we get to pre-run and race on land that beautiful is just awesome.


4 comments on “11 Q&A’s With Bryce Menzies
  1. exccelente driver and baja is the best ……

  2. Johnboyy says:

    Baja for sure!

  3. Jay says:

    Champions are born, not made ! Bryce was born to race …. He will prove to be a great champion !

  4. dean says:

    Their needs to be more races in plastercity or socal

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