11 Q&A’s With John Langley

1. Since you are the producer of the COPS TV show how did you go from making TV shows to offroad racing?

I became interested in offroad racing with the Baja 1000 in 2008.  A neighbor mentioned he was building a car for that race, and I told him to make one for me as well….thinking my sons and I would race once and cross it off the bucket list!  Obviously, I underestimated the appeal of offroading….

2. What is more intense, riding along in a police chase or the first 5 miles of the Baja 1000?

Racing in the Baja 1000 — especially getting out of town — is far more intense for me than a high speed pursuit!  In fact, my codriver is the former Sheriff of Las Vegas, a real cop, and he told me he had never had a more intense experience than his first Baja 1000 race…and he’s been involved in everything from hi-speed pursuits to shootouts!

3. How many race cars are part of the COPS racing team? Who are the drivers?

Right now we are running three cars in the SCORE series, plus occasional races in SNORE and MORE.  We have a Class 1, Class 10 and Class 12. Dan Martin and Dale Dondel race the Class 1, my son and I, Morgan Langley, race the Class 10, and my son Zak Langley and Bernie Carr race the Class 12.

4. What is your favorite race of the year? Why?

I suppose my favorite race is the Baja 1000 since we won in 2009 in Class 1 and in 2010 in Class 4, when I also won the championship in Class 4.  But all the Baja races turn me on because of the “Wild West” feeling of racing your guts out with avid fans cheering you on, and helping you out, during the marathon runs.

5. Have you ever been hassled by less than law abiding citizens because of your paint scheme?

As you probably know, we are not “real” cops but happen to do a show called COPS! We’re a bunch of TV guys who do TV.  Having said that, most fans and offroaders know where we’re coming from and have no issues with us. But it goes for less than law abiding citizens too!  We’re not trying to arrest anyone; just trying to win races!

6. What is your favorite TV show besides COPS and any of your produced shows?

Hmmm.  My favorite TV shows, apart from my own, would be “Deadliest Catch” on the reality side, and “Game of Thrones” on the fiction side.  But I like all good TV shows, especially ones that aren’t “faked” if they pretend to be real, or ones that seem real even if they are faked (like fictional TV).

7. What race do you want to win the most and in what class?

The race I want to win most is the next one!  Having said that, the Baja 1000 still beckons me to make it three years in a row, whatever the class.  Personally, my goal is to have all three of our cars podium for the Baja 1000. THAT is a goal I dream about….

8. Do you have any plans of getting into the Trophy Truck class?

I’m a buggy boy.  We’ve just ordered a new Class 1 from Racer Engineering, and we’re looking at another Class 10 from them as well.  Our plans for the future is to run two cars per race, not three, with Class 10 branching out to other series in SNORE and Best in the Desert and so forth.  But at this stage, I just want to race more and more whether it’s SCORE or SNORE or MORE or whichever!

9. RoadWarriors is your new TV show about offroad racing, what can you tell us about it?

ROAD WARRIORS is my attempt to show what it’s like to be in offroad racing from the ground up.  Everybody does “sports” coverage, with objective camera views and narration.  We wanted to get it back on the ground, and in the cars and the pits, to show what racing is really like from the inside out.  Hopefully we’ve captured some of that feeling and reality, which is like no other experience I know of.  But it’s up to the audience to decide.  If nothing else, I think people will catch a glimpse of what racing is about from a race teams’ Point of View, including drivers and chase and what it takes to win a race.

10. At the Baja 500 there was 3D camera’s in use, are these going to be in a future offroad project?

In production, we just filmed the Baja 500 in 3D as a new experiment for us.  It will air on EPIX 3D in the coming year…and marks a new era for Langley Productions as we try to capture offroad racing in all its three-dimensional glory and agony. It’s going to be unique, and one of the story lines shows my son Zak Langley coming in 2nd Place in Class 12.  Of course I urge everybody to stay tuned….

11. How often are you on Facebook? Is it you personally posting on your profile?


I get on Facebook now and then, and yes, I do my own posting and always answer whoever writes.  My main interest is offroad racing (while I still have time to do it, since I just turned 68!) so I’m always there for fellow offroaders or fans.

I cant wait to see the new show!
What a cool guy!! Much props to the entire COPS team! The COPS TV show has been one of my all time favs for as long as I can remember! Kudos to RDC for once again providing a solid read!!!
So a Baja race is more adrenaline then a high speed pursuit or shootout? Let's tell that to all the criminals engaged in that kind of activity and give them all race cars.