11 Q&A’s with Sheldon Creed

1.  How did it feel to podium in two different racing series in the same day?

I felt I did the best I could to finally get my first Pro Lite win and first SST podium. The day could not get any better I was so stoked I did not know what to say.

2.  Did you feel intimidated racing against the veteran drivers?

I did feel intimidated.  I just wanted to race clean and finish the race.

3.  How does your Pro Lite compare to the SST truck?

They are two totally different race trucks.  The Pro Lite is very stiff with limited travel and the SST has a lot of body roll and a lot more travel.  Both are very fun to drive.

4.  I know you have a full season planned with Lucas Oil Off-Road, will you be racing more races with Stadium Super Trucks?

I would love to race the SST, as well as Pro Lite.  I just need support.

5.  Do you have your drivers license yet?

Nope, I just got my permit 2 weeks ago.  I think I am better on the race tracks then in public streets.

6.  What drivers do you look up to?

I have watched Robby Gordon, Rob MacCachren, Steve Kinser, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt my entire life.

7.  What races do you want to do that you haven’t done yet?

I want to race Baja and Rally X in X-Games.

8.  Are you planning on doing any other forms of racing?

I want race anything with 4 wheels.  I love the dirt and sliding sideways.

9.  What was you most memorable race?

Lake Elsinore Round 5 2013, my first official Pro Lite win – lead every lap wire to wire.

10.  If you could choose any driver, alive or dead, to hang out with who would it be?

Dead or alive, I would have to say Travis Pastrana, Dale Earnhrdt, Adam Cianciarulo, Ryan Dungey and Rick Huseman.

11.  What is your favorite thing to do when you are not racing?

I ride 110’s and RC cars.