Justin Matney Wins The Parker 425

Parker is home to a rich tradition of offroad racing starting in 1971, and the list of drivers who have won here is a who’s who of offered racing legends. After completing the 425 mile race in a time of 7 hours and 10 minutes Justin Matney in his 4WD built Geiser Brothers Trick Truck is now on that list.


Rob MacCachren led physically for roughly half the race until a mechanical problem caused him to dropout, and top qualifier Robby Gordon never made it past the first lap. While the lead on time would change hands throughout the race with Jason Voss and Matney swapping positions ultimately Matney would cross the finish line first both physically and on corrected time.


Second place would go to Tracy Graf and Justin “Bean” Smith 2 minutes and 23 seconds behind the leader, which in a race of 425 miles only comes out to be a difference of a .3 mph average. Mateny would average 60.6 mph with Graf right behind with an average of 60.3. Stats like that are what makes desert racing so compelling. A flat tire, a missed corner, a driver change can be all that it takes to go from first to second.


Rounding out the podium was returning stud Andy McMillin who is racing as part of the TSCO team this year, followed by Jason Voss and Dan Mcmillin.


With the new race format the more limited cars raced first in the morning with Class 10 leading the way. With a front row start Roger Starkey in the #1067 car got the holeshot and never looked back. With clean air and a bladed first lap Starkey was able to lay down a first lap that some Trick Truck drivers would be jealous of. Each waypoint Starkey hit he would put a little more time on the rest of the field and finish first with a time of 7 hours and 21 minutes, which in perspective would be 4th overall for the day, keeping in mind the second race had a much rougher course but its still impressive non the less.


Jason Coleman who worked his way up to second place by halftime of the race put in a very strong effort but just wasn’t able to catch the always quick Starkey. He would finish almost 12 minutes behind but finish a very respectable second place. Corey Goin, Keith Waibel and John Van Hattern would finish top 5 respectively.


Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography