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Vildosola Racing Newsletter

Tavo Vildosola Race Recap

We started the San Felipe 250 in 5th place. Arriving at mile 15 through Puertecitos we passed Gaty Magness without any problem. At mile 30 we passed to Apdaly who was changing a tire and we positioned ourselves in third place, maintaining a constant and safe speed to avoid any setbacks; we could see the dust that Ryan Arciero had been leaving on the track. We continued like this for approximately 10 more miles and Javi noticed that the right rear tire was losing air. At that time I felt a bit frustrated since I had slowed down to keep the car safe. We change the tire quickly (1.50 min) keeping our same position on the race. When we went down to Matomi, Luke Macmillin approached us and now he was 30 seconds behind us. When we left Matomi, we were still 30 seconds ahead, and when we went to Morelia where the ground began to get more dangerous because of the holes, we had a 50-second lead. In that part we separate ourselves from Luke. Four miles later the drive by wire began to fail, at first it started to fail just a little, but as we advanced the Trophy Truck began to lose power and at one point the trophy truck couldn’t exceed the 10 miles per hour. We stopped to solve the problem and we realized that what happened was that the box that controls the extinguisher of the fire suppressor was loose and that was interrupting the action of the drive by wire motor. Javi solved it quickly, but during that time Luke took the lead, so now we were in fourth place. We continued in the race and we had marking in the GPS that a small hole was approaching, which was incorrect, it was really a deep hole, but we marked that hole wrong, I saw the hole and decided to take it aggressively but that was a bad idea. The front part passed the hole, but the back hit the ground causing the back to rise and putting the front part hitting the ground and rolling over twice. It was a hard hit. After an hour of checking the Trophy we decided to go ahead. Arriving at Pit 1 at mile 140 they checked that everything was in order and we could continue, the only problem was that the transmission was pouring out oil and on a clime the transmission stopped working. We thought about changing it, but some screws got caught in the flex plate and that caused the end of the race for us. Unfortunately, an error in Morelia cost us the race.

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