Balancing An OHV Lifestyle With Raising A Family –

Balancing An OHV Lifestyle With Raising A Family


Balancing An OHV Lifestyle With Raising A Family

Every year thousands of riders from across the United States and Canada come to the Desert 100 in Odessa, WA. The race and poker runs hosted by the Stumpjumpers Motorcycle Club are often the first rides of the year for many of us who live in colder areas. As a result, it’s no wonder that so many people get excited about coming to this event. This year the Stumpjumpers included a fantastic article about raising kids in a dirt bike family in the souvenir program. This great article by Allyson Tonsgard caused my wife Stephanie and me to reflect on our own experiences raising our children in the OHV world.

Allyson’s article described her life in the racing world with a newborn – which must be quite a challenge. Thankfully Allyson has friends and family that support her. While Stephanie and I ride more recreationally than competitively, we still treasure every minute we are on our bikes. Like Allyson, we had to determine if we could continue to camp and go on rides once we had children. Despite the challenges, we successfully took each of our two youngest children camping for big Memorial Day Campouts within months of their births (Faith was born in March and Hudson was born in April). Luckily, we had a nice warm RV and the weather proved to be nice for both occasions. Other than being in a little different environment it was pretty much routine life with a baby; feed, change, stay up all night, repeat. I can say that the group we camped with believed in the “it takes a village” mantra which helped, especially when we wanted to sneak away for a couple quick rides.

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