MDC 2020 | Newsletter 3 | Mid-August – 2019: Full / Volzet / Complet

Dear participants & rally fans,


With unprecedented pride I can inform you today that the Morocco Desert Challenge 2020 is FULL, and this only 2 weeks after the opening of the registrations. No rally-raid in the world has ever received such a tsunami of entries in such a short time. In addition to being proud, I am extremely grateful for your confidence in my organization.


After a respective growth of 35% in 2017, 40% in 2018 and 50% in 2019, we have chosen to insert -despite the fact that the MDC2019 ran smoothly- a growth stop for the MDC2020 and let quality take precedence over quantity. So no longer waiting times at the start and no extra vehicles on the race track, compared to last April. In terms of logistics too, the registration stop allows us to optimize everything such as catering, the fuel service, etc. It also means that all teams, including the bikers, can stand together again at the Al Amal square in Agadir during the inspection, and that there is room for everyone at the finish hotel in Saïdia. Because a good ambiance is important to us!

Because there was again a huge growth in the SSV category, we compensate for this by, for example, limiting the number of Raid participants or assistance. In this way the total number of participants from the previous edition (1250 incl. mechanics & crew) is retained. Here are today’s figures by category for the MDC2020:

  • Cars & buggies: 80
  • Side-by-Sides (SSV): 81
  • Motorbikes & quads: 82
  • Race trucks: 30
  • Cars in Raid: 20

Well, maybe it’s still possible! Whoever is registered today, and who has paid a deposit of € 750 per person (also for assistance), will of course be accepted. Teams that have not paid their deposit before August 31 run the risk of losing their place to people on the reserve list from September 1st onwards (send us a mail to And make sure you also register your assistance crew before that date.
Our MDC2020 promotion trailer
It’s so cool, so why not have another look at it: here’s the new promo trailer.

This is our race, this is our rally, this is … the Morocco Desert Challenge

So, that’s it for now! Thanks again for your enthusiasm. My team and I look forward to see you at the world’s most beautiful rally-raid.
With very proud greetings

Gert Duson
GSM: +32/475/50.36.50