An unexpected trifecta capturing and connecting the aftermarket automotive industry.

An unexpected trifecta capturing and connecting the aftermarket automotive industry.

Ososik Media, GetSomePhoto and Vision Wheel collaborate utilizing Honda’s industry changing side by side.

California: Ososik Media & GetSomePhoto content leaders in their respective elements and Vision Wheel who are revolutionizing wheel manufacturing are joining forces to bring marketing to a new level by connecting manufacturers, media and enthusiast. Being unified with the latest Honda Talon, each party will showcase the off-road lifestyle that they’re known for.

Ososik Media: Crossing over from capturing import drag and circuit racing, we quickly realized in order to capture the spirit of off-road we needed a team and vehicle that is agile and reliable. After attending the release for the new Honda Talon, we knew this was the perfect fit for the transition.

We look forward to partnering with Art (GetSomePhoto), his expertise in off-road will pave the way for capturing the lifestyle and professional athletes Vision Wheel signed for the 2020 season. With Vision Wheel on board we are able to work first hand with a manufacturer to capture R&D on a new line of UTV wheels and provide content to bridge the gap between manufacturer and enthusiast.

Vision Wheel: It takes vision to deliver the very best.

With over 40 years of looking far ahead, Vision Wheel has navigated trends and seized on quality to deliver enduring styles we are proud to stand behind.
Our commitment to exceptional style and uncompromising performance has brought us partnerships with the very best in the industry, the talents who punch above their weight, the champions who persevere, and the innovators who are able to see what really matters. They share our vision for excellence.

Vision Wheel is honored and ready for this partnership to provide a UTV wheel ready to perform with style and technology!

It’s our vision. It’s Vision Wheel.

GetSomePhoto: We’re really excited to be partnering with Ososik Media and Vision Wheel on this Talon project. It’s great to be working along side these professionals who are industry leaders and influencers in car culture.
Honda has long been known for building a strong, reliable machine that performs at a high level right out of the box. We scout thousands of miles of race course a year looking for that perfect backdrop and I’m looking forward to doing it in the Talon.

About GETSOMEphoto
GETSOMEphoto, a full service photography firm lead by Art Eugenio, encompasses anything in offroad motorsport and capturing the best images on location at events like the SCORE Baja 1000, Dakar Rally, NORRA Mexican 1000 many other locations world wide.
Now with 20 years working on location, Art and crew have delivered next level product on time, every time.
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  • March 26, 2020
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