1991 Parker 400 Rob MacCachren In-Car Footage

1991 Parker 400 Rob MacCachren In-Car Footage

Two hours of race footage from Rob MacCachren’s Venable Racing class 8 Ford Truck at the 1991 Parker 400. Rob ended up a DNF at this race because of engine problems after a mistake made about a quarter of the way through this video…

Footage digitized by the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

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Crayola Killer
It's not often you see Rob Mac make a mistake like that!

This was Rob's first race in the Venable class 8. He had a lot of transmission problems that first year but the team got it together the next year and he really started winning races in 92, 93 and of course the inaugural Trophy Truck Championship in 1994.


Nimrod de PMC
I know that truck that started in front of him!

Watching the footage from the wash, I really miss how it used to be... multiple lines, lots of crossovers etc. Also, I don't think they've touched the old casino beach road since this.

Last point from the first 15 minutes, start the race down the jeep trail again! (clockwise laps)