2 Newly Unveiled RCP Body Designs Conquer The Baja 1000

Andy Mcmillin Overall 2011 SCORE Baja 1000

Race Car Prototypes of San Diego, Ca, (RCP), unveiled two new body designs at the 44th running of the infamous Baja 1000. The winning truck of Andy and Scott McMillin was clad in a new RCP Raptor body that incorporates the great looks of the factory design while fitting impeccably on their Geiser Bros. chassis. Not to be outdone, All German Motorsports took the wraps off of their unique BMW X6 Trophy Truck that also has RCP designed bodywork.

Trophy Truck Body

Andy McMillin saw the beautiful Ford Raptor body that John Tripp of RCP just completed for Stewart Raceworks’ Luxury prerunner and knew right away he had to have RCP update his truck’s looks to resemble the Ford Raptor also. The new look of the familiar McMillin Racing Trophy Truck got plenty of double-takes as they covered the brutal Baja 1000 course faster than anyone else.

AGM Trophy Truck, Race Car Prototypes

To say that the BMW X6 of All German Motorsports is out of the box thinking for a Trophy Truck is an understatement. True to form for RCP, the X6 body is totally purposeful without compromising the beautifully sculpted curves of the production BMW. The team is still sorting out the new car but they successfully finished 20th overall on a Baja 1000 course that many people where saying was one of the toughest ever.

All RCP body designs share common traits, functionality and stunning beauty. A good example is the realistic headlight decals from Bink Designs that look seamless on the body but in fact are removable to expose powerful driving lights underneath. You can have the most highly engineered chassis built by the best fabricators in the world but people will always be drawn to how the vehicle looks. John Tripp has the skills needed to design and sculpt beautiful forms but he also has the first hand mechanical knowledge that comes from his experience as a fabricator, a co-driver, someone who has had to work on vehicles in the field. RCP bodies are lightweight where practical and braced where they need to be strong. They have plenty of tire clearance and mount soundly but without losing proportion or flow, that’s where the artistry comes in.

AGM Trophy Truck Body, Baja 1000

Race Car Prototypes stays true to their name. “I like to concentrate on design”, says John Tripp, “I do the design work and create the molds and then turn them over to the team so they can make replacements. We do several large scale projects a year and in the interim we make Lexan bodies for 1/5th scale RC cars. Our Lexan RC bodies are known for their sleek designs and the fact that they are almost indestructible. Designing and building a full-size body is a lot of work, but we always look forward to new projects that challenges our creativity.”

If you want an RCP body designed for your car, you better get your order in soon. Judging by the way the McMillin TT, All German BMW and the Stewart Raceworks Luxury Prerunner turned out; RCP’s services are going to be in high demand.

Photography By Brian Binkert
Bink Designs – www.binkdesigns.com

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