2009 Season Officially Started

The 2009 desert racing season started out with a bang. Nothing says welcome back like seeing Greg Nunley in a SCORE Trophy Truck flying 140ft with fireworks exploding in the background. SCORE did a great job welcoming race fans to the 2009 SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge.

The weather was perfect, no wind, no rain. The stands were packed with fans in anticipation of watching racers push their cars to the limits as they tried to jump further then their competitors. The jumps started out with Brian Burgess flying his 1600 car 95.6ft followed by Justin Smith setting a record at 101.6ft, this was a sign of what was to come.

The Laughlin Leap appeared to be bigger then years past and the length of the jumps proved it. Danny Anderson jumped Pat Deans Class One car 139.6ft before a motor mishap caused him to coast over the leap on his second try.


Travis Coyne exploded his rear bedside on landing sending fiberglass everywhere and photographers ducking for cover.

Justin Lofton was running a pony statue on the roof of his trophy truck and it was rumored to have a small video camera inside it.

The night ended on a sad note when Rick Geiser was taken by ambulance after his second attempt with back pain. He did get out of the vehicle on his own and last reports from Heidi Steele he was waiting on x-rays and was in minimal pain. Our thoughts are with him tonight.

Some other noted distances. Jump were measured in 6” Increments.

img_4908 img_4907

img_4858 img_4868

img_4881 img_4903

img_49051 img_4922



1603 – Brian Burgess 95.6ft

1649 – Justin Smith 101.6ft

1600 – Adam Pfankuch 91.6ft

1612 – Rick Boyer 94.6ft

1614 – Hiram Duran 84ft

1602 – Justin Davis 90ft

700 – Dan Chamlee 108.6ft

706 – AJ Rodriquez 116ft

1502 – Jonathon Libby 117ft

719 – Chris Taylor 126.6ft

108 – Richard Boyle 113.6ft

101 – Josh Rigsby  122.6ft

119 – Byron Ashley 137.6ft

110 – Brendan Gaughan 137ft

117 – James Scott 156ft

109 – Danny Anderson 139.6ft

1 – BJ Baldwin 156ft

16 – Rick Geiser 140ft

8 – Roger Norman 151ft

88 – Larry Roeseler 161.6ft

20 – Justin Lofton 140ft

35 – Robbie Pierce 141.6ft

5 – Travis Coyne 154ft

12 – Brian Collins 150ft

13 – Clyde Stout 133.6ft

24 – Adam Householder 145ft

89 – Rusty Stevens 131.6