2011 BITD Parker 425 Race Photos

Today marked the first race of the season for BITD out in Parker, AZ. With over 250 entries, the desert was filled with race vehicles pushing the limits to what they are capable of. As we are typing this the race is still going on, with a time limit ending at 1am, but here are a few things that stood out from today.

– Sam Berri won Class 1500, even after losing 3rd and 4th gear halfway through the race.
– BJ Baldwin’s co-driver Jonny had to take over driving duties after BJ came ill.
– Andy McMillin was leading the race when he put his truck on its side, causing damage that ended his race.
– Word on the street was that there were 17 Geiser Trophy Trucks entered. Pistol was not one of them.
– Sam Berri’s new nickname is now “Qualifying Killer”.
– Robby Gordon reportedly out of race due to a hole in the radiator.
– Camburg Racing lost some time off the start after a Class 1500 car rolled in front of them and they tried to push them off the track, getting stuck

Photos by HighRev Photography