2011 Del Mar Fair Tuff Trucks Video and Pictures

Combined Results from Del Mar(Finishing order)

1st. Jeff Franklin: 64.64
2nd. Dan Vance: 66.07
3rd. Gordon Stiger: 66.18
4th. Jose Acuna: 67.18
5th. Mark McNeil: 68.22
6th. Perry McNeil Sr: 69.37
7th. Matt McNeil: 70.44
8.th Andy Ptak: 70.59
9th. Keith Hardwick: 70.91
10th. Aaron Van Velsir: 71.03
11th. Scott Mahony: 71.18
12th. Keith Siebeisthal: 71.97
13th. Tyler Buquet: 72.22
14th. Jeff Musgrave: 72.81
15th. Tomas Barber: 72.90
16th. Curtis Goodpaster: 73.41
17th. Robert Harry: 73.44
18th. Kevin Butts: 73.69
19th. Matthew Darby: 77.40
20th. Jacob Nieder: 78.03
21st. Alec Navarro: 82.44
22nd. Joseph Negri: 82.60
23rd. Justin Park: 85.96
24th. Ericc Perkett: 88.18
25th. Stanley: 88.81
26th. Justin Lowe: 91.07
27th. Chris Livingston: 40.63
28th. Brandon Wright: DNF
29th. Chris Kiesendahl: DNF
30th. Marc Mahony: DNF
31st. Spencer Smith: DNF
32nd. Brandon McNeil: DNF
33rd. Brandon Walsh: DNF
34th. Antone Lahr: DNF
35th. Lee Kalla: DNF
36th. Brandon Lobel: DNF
37th. Gilbert Moran: DNF
38th. Matt Torian: DNF
39th. Andy Fausto: DNF



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  • July 1, 2011
Dan Vance is our Vin Diesel of the Off road world!
Congratulations to Jeff Franklin and the Launch Motorsports #99 Unlimited Truck!
Winner! Winner!
hmmmm, nice to see that the homemade motorsports truck was kept out of everything, no pics uploaded, no spot in the video, and even the name and time kept out of the results...
I see we haven't learned our lesson about SAFETY!!! Seeing drivers without safety suits/gear NOT COOL? Who put this on??? I know some of these racers. Come'on remember this is a DANGEROUS sport/hobbie no matter where we do it. We have enough problems with our sport. Trust me, we do not need more SAFETY FIRST.
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  • July 18, 2011
Couple trucks left out that had great runs... Way to report professionally!!!
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    • July 18, 2011
    If you did not finish the runs you received a DNF. I have updated the results with the overall results.
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    Chris Raffo
  • August 1, 2011
The lead in shot of a minimally roll-caged, stock framed "race car", caused a gut reaction that something was odd or wrong with the picture. I saw too much of the driver. Then I watched the footage.
No nets, no side panels, no roof, no diagonals, no fire suit.
Ok, let me state, I believe that ultimately the driver must take responsibility for their own destiny in a race car, but we also have developed some basic minimums for cars.
Since I haven't personally attended, I have to rely on the the video presented, and for my taste, there are people and cars way too close to each other.
I think it's great that we get another place to run, but no one wants to see drivers or spectators being needlessly injured.