2011 Griffin King of the Hammers

Shannon Campbell was crowned the King of the Hammers Friday for the second time in its history besting a deep field of rock racings elite. With a total time of 6hrs 11min 54sec Shannon took the overall win with over 30 minutes to spare unofficially.

Shannon Campbell flyin to his second King of the Hammers win

“I’m happy as hell,” said an exhilarated Campbell, ” I’ve been working on it for the last two years.” “I’ve wanting to get a win in this car and prove that A-arms are the shit; and it works!” “We started 62nd so there was lots of traffic; but most of them were broke and were friendly enough to move over and let me by.” “The Outer Limits section was tore up!” “The only problem’s I had was one flat and later a bent drive shaft; I could’t get over 58mph without having a huge vibration.” “That’s where Scherer kept getting me was on the high speed stuff, but I could get him back in the tight and rough stuff.” “But it was a great day, I couldn’t be happier.”

Rolling in second unofficially was Tony Pelligrino and his co-driver Bryan Lyttle who started 41st. “We started out slow because we knew everyone would just kinda throw it away at the beginning,” said Lyttle “We kept the pace that we wanted and did most of our passing in the rocks.” “I swear we were almost upside down a few times but Tony kept it together.” “Thanks to his driving we kept it going and brought it in.” “This is my first time out in this kind of event; I’m super stoked!”

Carnage at the "Backdoor"

Started 36th and third to cross the finishline was Jason Sherer. “I was a great day, we had a little trouble towards the end there but we’re here,” said Sherer, “I have to thank BFG tires who got me here; they really stepped up in a big way and helped me get to Hammers in the first place,” “And to my crew, I can’t thank them enough.”

Thousands of fans gathered to watch

The unofficial top ten finishers:

1. Shannon Campbell 6:11:54

2.Tony Pellegrino 6:42:51

3. Jason Sherer 6:49:50

4. Randy Slawson 7:01:13

5. Greg Adler 7:09:40

6. Tracy Jordan 7:35:17

7. Gary Feravanti 7:27:25

8. Matt Messer 7:28:42

9. Les Figueroa 7:39:03

10. Ben Napier 8:15:16