2011 SNORE BAP Saturday Photos!

For Saturdays race at the SNORE Battle of Primm, the rain gods proved once again that they are a fan of desert racing. The forecast all week was for rain all day today, but after the first group the rain halted and never came out. The result was some great looking clouds in the sky, and a nice chill wind from the mountains.

All classes put on a great show today and the crowds were in full effect all day. There were even people awake for the first group that started at 6am, but most likely those people just never went to sleep. Here are you winners from today, stay tuned for more coverage after tomorrows races!

Class 16 – Andrew Neal
Class 11 – David Hendrickson
Class 18 – Ken Freeman
Class 9 – Cody Rash
Class 5/1600 – Mike Boone
UTV – Nolan Rennlenger
Class 13 – Blaine Conrad
Class 15 – Christian Hall
Class 1 – Kyle Conlon
Unlimited Truck – Dale Dondel
Class 3 – Chad Doherman
Class 5 – Jim Anderson
Class 10 – Mike Lapaglia
Class 12 – Cody Freeman
VORE – Buetner Plumer
Class 8 – Todd Wylie
Stockfull – Steve Schwab
Heavy Metal – Matt McBride
Class 7s – Robbie Cockrel
Class 7 – Tim Lawrence
Class 1450 – Juno Libby

Full gallery of photos HERE!

Photos by HighRev Photography

  • B
    Bill Kugel
  • February 20, 2011
Got any pictures of 7222? We broke just prior to completing our 3rd lap.

  • C
  • February 21, 2011
FYI, the winner of class 1450's name is Jonathon (JONO) Libby.... NOT Juno