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2012 Monster Energy Rip to Cabo presented by General Tire Days 6 and 7 Recap With Cameron Steele

Recap 4 – Days 5 and 6 by host Cameron Steele

About 500 miles into the ride I got to see my favorite thing on the peninsula, the sunrise in LA Bay. Really any sunrise along the Sea of Cortez is pretty epic, I just happen to love the view from LA Bay with the guardian islands out front.

For the R2C brothers it was time for more single track as we would take off back north/west on the pavement until we hooked up with the 22 day trail built by Bill Nichols. This was the first real water damage we saw on the Baja after hearing about 20 inch rains over 48 hour periods during the past 3 months. In places there were HUGE wash outs, had to tip toe, and in some places the trail had been reclaimed by the Baja and Mother Nature and we had to do some searching, this days video have some epic Baja and great single track…..

That was FOX Shox guru John Marking blasting the camera of Bryan Harrold!

We had ridden the hard way what the Mexican government wanted to make a trek for fishing boats… they paved the roads and made a harbor on the Pacific so they could trailer boats to the Sea of Cortez from Santa Rosalita. At this point there is more moto riding in the harbor than boats as it is full of sand.

Trigger sounding tired and Mathes talking about getting back on the bike, lunch at Moro Domingo on this next video…..

By far the best video on the day, Lobster busting tires and Austin’s porn stash, hunting for single track…..yes some of the video is out of order, it’s on purpose! Manny the squirrel finds a place to lay his bike in a cactus….

1x, Baja champion Colton Udal will join in Loreto but his little brother Ian and his step dad “Rad” Brad Oxley join us to ride from San Ig and this video has incredible El Datil scenics…. Day 6 starts

Ian Young gets his ass roosted when he turfs it in the salt flats!!! The vultures were waiting….

Always fun in the salt flats and it’s like a giant dry erase as the tracks will be gone before we ever get back there.

How about some lunch on the beach?! The Bullet Proof Diesel chase truck and the KMC buggy along with the GT Raptor were our lunch boxes. Yes San Juanico, known to surfers as Scorpion Bay was our lunch stop and although the surf was small it was like 80 degrees out and almost the same in the water….. Wrestling on the beach isn’t weird is it? Well it wasn’t for Danny Ellender and Allan Kandleman!

Part 5 of the recap series tomorrow as we leave Loreto and end up in Cabo after two more days of roosting….

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