2013 HDRA South Point Vegas 250

It was COLD COLD COLD but racing at the HDRA Vegas 250 was as hot as it gets!

The temperature was hovering around 15 degrees on Saturday morning when nearly 100 racers staged for the start of the Vegas 250. “We are excited to get this first race of the year underway,” said Roger Norman.  “It’s going to be a great year for off-road racing.”

Roger Norman and George Antill.
Roger Norman and George Antill.
Cameron Steele on his way to 1st Overall and the Trophy Truck win at the HDRA Vegas 250

Cameron Steele battled with BJ Baldwin until the last lap when BJ had a mechanical problem. “We had a really good day,” said Steele at the finish. “We started off with a big run to the front, and then BJ stepped up and made a race out of it. I think he had problem there at the end, but we’re really stoked to be up here on the top spot and start the season with a win, we want to be the first to claim the World Championship and this is the best way to do it.”

HDRA_GS 0412_5792

BJ Baldwin

Most of the day BJ Baldwin was physically 2nd  on the road.  On time, however, he had Cameron by 35 seconds. “I had this!”  BJ yelled after crossing the finish line. “I had him all day and only needed to pace Cameron to take the win. We had almost 5 minutes on the rest of the field. Unfortunately we started to lose the rear end at the end of lap 3, so we pulled in and changed it out. Either way we’re here to support the new HDRA and SCORE and go for that World Championship.”

HDRA_GS 0412_5775

Jimmy Nuckles finished 2nd overall behind Steele. “We ran pretty good. I think if we could’ve kicked up the pace a bit we might been able to take these guys but we didn’t want to chance not finishing on the podium.” Said Knuckles. “We’re in it for the long haul, so I think we’re pretty good finishing second.”

HDRA_GS 0412_5786

Third overall went to the team of Tim Herbst and Larry Roeseler. “We had a good day out there!” said Roeseler who finished the day for Herbst. “The guys did an excellent job with the truck and it handled perfectly. We were able to run the pace the leaders were putting down. When all is said and done, 3rd spot on the podium is a good way to start the year.”

HDRA_GS 0412_5780
Dustin Miller took the Class 1victory.

So unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, you already know that Sal Fish retired and sold SCORE International to Roger Norman who already owns HDRA. Finally, with the announcement of the HDRA and SCORE combined series World Championship, TV packages, live video, class consolidations, new courses and a an overall new sense of direction, this is an evolutionary era in off-road racing and a great time to be a part of it.

Don’t be left in the dust!

Full Results here

South Point Vegas 250 Class Winners
Cameron Steele – Trophy Truck (Overall Winner)
Dustin Miller – Class 1
Andrew Myers – Class 10
Lucas Knecht – Class 1600
Ryan Frisby – Class 3000
Donald Harper – Class 5/1600
Al Hogan – Class 7
Justin Fisher – Class 7S
Robert Roglin – Stock Full
Douglas McCrady – Stock UTV
Sean Malabanan – Class 9
Eric Ludian – 1400 Sportsman Unlimited Truck
Jon Largen – Baja Challenge

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    randy kellett
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george anthill will go back into the motor home to see the results he will be right out ..uh uh really george uh uh ,,,!! kool more off-road racing in vegas it brings more dollors to vegas ,, good job