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R&D Motorsports 2013 Jimco Trophy Truck

How do you make a Trophy Truck better? It’s not easy. Millions and millions of dollars have been spent trying to make the fastest vehicle in off-road racing go faster to no avail. And, the funny thing is it’s not giant corporations doing the innovating it’s guys in their shops using every resource they have to try and win a race. Small businesses are the backbone of America, but in off-road they are much more than that; they’re the innovators, they’re the heart and brain combined that pushes everything forward.

When the team of Jay Reichert and Charles Dorrance (R&D Motorsports) teamed up to move into Trophy Trucks; they looked at everybody but they chose JIMCO because of the reputation for building a winning race chasis, combined with a level professionalism that is unmatched. “We didn’t just want a Trophy Truck, we wanted the best Trophy Truck. We wanted one that was lighter, faster, bigger, and badder than anybody else’s”, commented Jay Reichert. “JIMCO has built championship winning cars in pretty much every class they have touched, I knew their Trophy Truck would end up being the best platform to work from.”

R&D Motorsports Trophy Truck

This beautifully hand crafted JIMCO Trophy Truck has become affectionately know as “The War Machine” due to the harshness of its first test. While testing in Plaster City the truck was crashed at over a hundred miles an hour, flipping end-over-end seven times pretty much totaling the truck. Yet both the driver and passenger walked away unscathed, a testament to the safety built into these vehicles.


JIMCO rebuilt the truck in less than four weeks and Jay and Charles raced it in last year’s Baja 1000. After a smooth start, Charles Dorrance got introduced to the massive holes at the end of Puertecitos Road where he crashed the truck going end-over-end twice at eighty miles per hour. The truck was pieced back together and it finished the 2012 Baja 1000.


Click here to download PDF of map.

This amazing new JIMCO is only the seventh Trophy Truck built of this new generation of lighter, stronger, faster chassis. “We are continuously trying to make a better Trophy Truck. We lightened up the chassis to make it faster and reduce drivetrain strain. We also wanted to make it handle better,” stated JIMCO founder Mike Julson.

Besides the amazing exterior finish work and Raptor styled body this truck features multiple Rigid Industries LED light bars and the AGM hydraulic jack system, making tire changes a breeze. The interior is well thought out as well with dual GPS screens, a custom shift indicator, Rigid Industries LED interior lights, adjustable seats, and a light bar adjustor within an arms reach.

JIMCO’s new Trophy Truck platform is a carefully measured evolution born out of the experience of thousands of miles of racing and thousands of hours of fabrication.

Owner: Jay Reichert
Design/Builder: Jimco Racing Inc.
Vehicle Name: The War Machine
Weight: 5,380 Pounds, Race Ready
Chassis: Jimco Racing Trophy Truck
Engine: Kroyer Racing Engines Small Block V8
Transmission, Transaxle, Transfer Case, Underdrive: Kroyer / Gearworks Turbo 400
Body: Jimco Raptor by McGrath Fiberglass and Palhegyi Design
Front Suspension: Fox 14″ 2.5 Coil Overs and 14″ 3.5 Bypass, 5 Tube.  Jimco Racing Inc. Spindles and 6 on 6.5 Hubs.  26″ of travel.
Rear Suspension: Fox 16″ 3.0 Coil Overs and 18″ 4.5 Bypass, 6 Tube with Cactus Coolers.    32″ of travel.
Wheels: Method 17” Wheels
Track Width: 93″
Wheelbase: 128″
Tires: BFGoodrich 39” x 13.50 KR’s
Lights: Rigid industries LED lighting

R&D Motorsports Trophy Truck

Jack System: AGM Hydraulic Jacks
Rear Housing: ID Designs
Rear Axles: 36 Spline Gearworks
Rear Hubs: Jimco Racing Inc. 6 on 6.5
Rear Differential 5.29 Gearworks
Steering: Howe Performance
Exhaust: Bob Butler
Air Cleaner: Custom Air Cleaner by Jimco
Seats: Cobra Szuka Pro
Paint and graphics : Balboa Auto Body / Sign Pros
Wiring: Marc Waddell, Wire Fab Inc
Plumbing: Steve Silverthorne, Jimco Racing Inc.
Cooling : C&R Radiators, Spal Fans & Setrab Coolers
Brakes: Alcon 6 Piston Front Calipers and Alcon 1″ wide x 14″ Diameter Front Rotors.  Alcon 6 Piston Rear Calipers and Alcon 1″ wide x 14″ Diameter Rear Rotors.
Safety Harness: Mastercraft 3” Sewn for Hans Device with QSR Adjusters
Navigation: Driver: Lowrance 5” HD GPSCo-Driver: Lowrance 8” HD GPS
Communication: Palomar Communications, Kenwood 55watt
Extras: The new Jimco Truck was built with one thing in mind, weight. Mike Julson felt if the could keep the weight down the truck would be quicker and more agile than the current Trophy Trucks. Another added benefit of a lighter weight truck would be the added reliability reducing the load put through the drive-train, which the end result would help decrease the cost of campaigning a Trophy Truck.

Photography by Vincent Knakal of Mad Media

Words by Matt Martelli

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  • July 10, 2013
Baja racing is my dream and also my brother's. It would be so cool to watch it in person or even drive the baja 1000. My bro is currently building his own pre runner ranger by himself. I wish I could get into this type of field work. I would do anything to get a chance to do anything with the baja!!!
    Luckily, I have the opportunity to work at Jimco, let me tell you, it's a blessing, but it takes a lot of hard work and persistence to get into this field, I waited 8 months to finally be hired. Best feeling in the world.
I guarantee if given the chance to practice with a truck for 1month straight i would be top in less then two years I was born for trophy truck driving