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2013 RECORD Ensenada to San Felipe 250

The summer edition of the Ensenada to San Felipe 250 off road race is the most anticipated of the series.  The director, Ramon Castro, is a seasoned racer and Class 11 multi time champion with Score International. Ramon was also a part of Sal Fish’s organization during the 80’s and 90’s.

155 racers from Mexico and United States that took the green flag at the start line at the Ojos Negros crossways.  Only 99 were able to make it to the checkered flag at the San Felipe Dunes.

Ivan Ramirez Jr. came back to his roots after 6 years of not participating in the Record series.  He teamed with Brandon Prieto for the victory in the pro bike class with a time of 3 hours, 53 minutes and 48 seconds. Alejandro Mendez took the win in the 4 wheel vehicle class driving his Class 10 to the top of the podium.


A traditional contingency day. Each car is teched and a huge party for the race crews and fans happens inside Pueblo Anitguo Plaza, headquarters of RECORD in Ensenada.


More than 155 teams from Mexico and United States are ready to compete and have fun here in Baja.


Race day, 5:40am, all the bikes and quads are ready to take on the challenge. Pictured here is Brandon Prieto and Ivan Ramirez, the team to beat in the pro bikes class.


Gilberto Cervantes, brother of Zorro, relaxes before his journey to San Felipe.  Gilberto finished in first place in the Sportsman class.


A local race doesn’t mean easy. RECORD uses almost the same roads as SCORE for their Baja’s events and these riders know it.  David Ibarra (black jacket) is focused on starting and hopes to quickly pass Jesús Gonzalez Jr. (Blue Jersey) who starts in front of him in the pro bikes class.


The race starts in Ojos Negros just a few miles before the infamous Ojos Negros Jumps.


“Whoops”, easy for unlimited classes, a nightmare for the limited ones.


Only 39 bikes were racing this weekend, a low number compared to past years.  Pedro Ruiz took second place in safari bike class.


Francisco Beltrán broke the rules when he didn’t stop at checkpoint 5, causing him to be disqualified by the RECORD officials.


Francisco García enjoys Baja while racing his quad to the finish in San Felipe.


José Yadala succeeded by beating the Ensenada to San Felipe challenge.


One of the most famous racecars in Baja, the ’67 El Camino Trophy-Truck, it looks as cool as it sounds.


Alejandro Méndez won the overall in cars and in class 10 for second year in a row.


Old doesn’t always mean boring, as Salvador Morachis shows us in his class 12 buggy.


Jonathan Betancourt and the Cowboys Racing team finished 2nd place in the 7s class.


This team likes it “rally” style: Windshield and open helmets, not very common in Baja.


All racers must stop at all checkpoints.  This is to check times and to make sure no one is cheating.


When the racers arrive at Valley de Trinidad the race stops for one hour.  The course runs on a public road through town so they stop and restart the race here to control the race speeds. The teams take the time to make a full pit stop and go over their cars for the second half of the race, similar to Rally events.


One hour later the race restarts in San Matias, a few feet away from the famous Burritos restaurant.


A battle between racers is always a good time.  It doesn’t matter if they are in the same class or not.


Chacales Team showing the advantages of the popular Ford I-beam suspension in the San Matias whoops.


Ribbons like these are all over the race course.  If your GPS is ever broken it could be a lifesaver.


Car #1202 had a few troubles with the whoop section.  After he came through the fans found a fan belt from the race car.


Front suspension fully compressed and rear suspension fully drooped, the true test of any race vehicles suspension.  Unfortunately for Javier Manzo, one of his chasers crashed with the class 10 of Héctor Maymes.  The chaser was going the wrong way on the race course. Manzo will pay all of the medical expenses accepting responsibility of the accident.


Jorge Osuna finished 3rd place in his category and shows us how to fly with his racecar.


Class 9 was won by Ensenada resident Luis Guevara.


Respect the desert.


The Mexican style is everywhere.  As you can see with this happy cow on the front bumper.


Moisés Cuevas took on the Ensenada to San Felipe race in the sportsman class in his Polaris RZR900.  Moisés finished first showing that Polaris is one of the best UTV’s on the market.


The UTV’s are perfect for pre-running or racing in Baja.


This class 11 team took on the Ensenada to San Felipe race and proudly displays their custom artwork.


Only the toughest racers attempt racing in class 11!


“The good ones, follow me!” a very famous phrase from el Chapulin Colorado, a Mexican Hero.


To beat Baja you need all the support possible.  Your team needs to watch your back during every moment.


Support, friendship and maybe a little irresponsibility…


The reward after the storm, seeing the checked flag.


The Grijalva sisters took on the 250 mile race to San Felipe showing that the men aren’t the only ones that can take on the challenge.


Who’s your daddy?  Mauro Díaz took 3rd place in Class 11.


Words by: Gabriel Garcia, translation by Claudio Sarabia

Photos by: Ernesto Araiza

Official results / class winners:


Pro Motorcycles

Brandon Prieto

Sportsman Motorcycles

Gilberto Cervantes

Safari Motorcycles

Pedro Ruiz


Juan González

ATV Sportsman

Alejandro Ávalos

Cars and Trucks

Open Class

William Hedrick

Class 10

Alejandro Méndez

Class 12

Ramón Moreno

Class 8

Alberto Gomez

Class 7

Igor Galván

Class ½-1600

Edson Cruz

Class 7 Stock

Miguel Sandoval

Class 5

Wendell Mortensen

Class 5-1600

Gustavo Aviña

Class 14

Zac Johnson

Class 18

Hassim Mendez

Class 9

Luis Guevara

Class 15

Alejandro Medina

Class 11

Roberto Robles

Class Safari

Moisés Cuevas


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