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2014 Dakar Stage 10: With 3 Stages to go still no clear Winner in Sight

Today’s stage 10 of 13 gets us ever closer towards the conclusion of the most grueling off-road race in the world. Stephane Peterhansel set out to make this one his 12th Dakar overall win and when it looked like he was drifting back during the past few stages, today’s finish put him right back on top.

The Mini battle between Nani Roma and Peterhansel continued today, as this duel became more exciting with Roma’s lead of 12:10 evaporating to a much narrower 2:15.

Al-Attiyah won today’s stage 10 of the 2014 Dakar 3:50 ahead of Peterhansel who was all smiles at the finish line.


Nani Roma may have claimed that he is simply concentrating on clean racing and ignoring his competition, but that statement can be questioned now. He came in 3rd 13:45 after first.

South African Geniel De Villiers made 4th today and remains 4th overall in ranking as well. But what was 28-minutes is now 1 hour 14 behind Roma.

Dirk Von Zitzewitz and Geniel DeVilliers all smiles and relaxing after todays Stage10 of the Dakar 2014

Fellow Mini driver Holowczyc came in 5th.

X-Raid’s team management strategy is very simple; to push for a 3x podium but leave the competition within the team up to the drivers.

Rally legend Carlos Sains unfortunately crashed out today in a liaison section. The car is non-repairable before tomorrows stage and Carlos seemed a little bit bruised. Hopefully we will see him again next year.

Roby Gordon had yet another adventurous day placing himself 20th 01:26:32 behind first place due to unknown stage problems.


The Canadian entry of Matt Campbell came across the finish line in 44th adding yet another 4:12:04 gap between them and the current number one, Roma. However look at any of their team Facebook photos and you’ll see nothing but smiles. I am sure just finishing stages is considered a victory for the entire team.

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In sad news we have to report that BJ Baldwin withdrew from the Rally due to safety concerns. After yesterday’s Stage 9 they discovered a major leak in the fuel cell. The team already lost the car of teammate Guerlain Chicherit during an earlier stage due to a fire. Mr. Baldwin made the call to play it safe and withdrew instead of taking the chance of a continued leak.

Stage 10 Car Ranking
Position Stage Time Split
1. Al-Attiyah (QAT) 004:23:35
2. Peterhansel (FRA) 004:27:25 +00:03:50
3. Roma (ESP) 004:37:20 +00:13:45
4. De Villiers (ZAF) 004:51:50 +00:28:15
5. Holowczyc (POL) 004:54:48 +00:31:13
20. Gordon (USA) 005:50:07 +01:26:32
44. Mathew (CAN) 008:35:39 +04:12:04


OVERALL Car Ranking after Stage 10
Position Total Time Split
1. Roma (ESP) 038:52:57
2. Peterhansel (FRA) 038:55:12 +00:02:15
3. Al-Attiyah (QAT) 038:38:58 +00:46:01
4. De Villiers (ZAF) 040:07:13 +00:59:46
5. Terranova (ARG) 040:07:33 +01:14:36
23. Gordon (USA) 050:49:29 +11:56:32
48. Mathew (CAN) 093:26:29 +54:33:32

Photos by: Willy Weyens, Mini X-Raid Agency, De Villiers PR, BJ Baldwin Facebook