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2015 Chevy Silverado 1500


Mike V. went to Dirt King Fabrication two years ago with his 2015 Chevy Silverado. Mike was new to off road and wanted a truck that looked great, performed well and stayed within his budget. They set him up with their bolt on long travel kit and deaver springs with a bed cage. After one trip to the desert he was hooked.

Fast forward to May of 2018, Mike brought the truck back wanting to take the truck to the next level without making the full transformation to an off road only vehicle. The solution was Dirt King Fabrication’s long travel race kit and developing a new linked rear suspension system. They wanted to do something different when it came to the rear suspension that would keep the factory gas tank, allow for upwards of 19” of travel, and still have a usable bed.

To keep the factory gas tank they steered away from the traditional triangulated 4 link and designed the suspension with a panhard bar. The upper links on the rear suspension were inspired by the ultra 4 cars which lead them to name the new product, The Ultra 4-Link Suspension System. The upper links locate off the front leaf spring hanger mounts for easy installation and keeping the axle true to the vehicle.

In total the rebuild of Mikes truck took two and a half months. With just about every fabricated part on his vehicle being an off the shelf product that that Dirt King manufactures they will be able to build anther truck with these customizations in a month in a half or less.

2015 Chevy Silverado 1500

Front Suspension:

  • Dirt King Fabrication long travel race kit with 18” of travel King 3.0 x 10” triple bypasses
  • King 2.5 x 10” dual rate coilovers with Eibach race springs King 2.0 x 2” bump stops
  • Dirt King Fabrication over sized front wheel wells to fit 37” tires throughout the suspension cycle

Rear Suspension:

  • Dirt King Fabrication Ultra 4-Link Suspension System with 20” of travel King 3.0 x 14” triple bypasses
  • King 2.5 x 12” dual rate coilovers with Eibach race springs
  • King 2.0 x 4” bump stops
  • Sway-A-Way sway bar

Wheels & Tires:

  • Fuel Off-Road 17” Anza bead lock wheels
  • Toyo 37×13.50R17 Open Country M/T Tires


  • Dirt King Fabrication front and rear bumpers
  • Fiberwerx 6” bulge front and rear fenders
  • Fiberwerx front valance
  • Three stage wrap by Coastal Creative
  • Wrap designed in house at Dirt King Fabrication
  • Line-X coating on rear frame, bed, and inside of fenders by San Diego Line-X
  • On board air underneath the bed
  • 2.5 ton Pro Eagle jack mounted under the spare tire


  • Motor and transmission performance tuned by San Diego Superchargers
  • 4:10 gears with aftermarket limited slip differential
  • Magnaflow performance exhaust
  • Pedal Commander
  • Volant cold air intake

Accessories & Lighting:

  • KC Pro 6 front light bar
  • KC flex light with amber cover for dust light
  • Rugged Radio

Website dirtkingfabrication.com

Instagram @dirtkingfabrication