2015 King Shocks Battle at Primm – Qualifying Update

By: Dave Morganthall

-Primm, NV

The 2015 King Shocks Battle at Primm kicked off today at Buffalo Bill’s Hotel and Casino adjacent to the Nevada/California line.  Registration and qualifying lead off the weekend, with race teams and fans from throughout the West flooding the pits and spectator areas as the sun filled the valley.  The field now holds over 260 drivers and Race Director Tom High said that he “wouldn’t be surprised to see it pushing 300 by morning”.

Qualifying wasn’t a full show of what the weekend has in store for race attendees, the only classes that required driver participation were the PRO classes having more than 15 pre-registered cars.  These drivers would pit their skills and equipment against the 3.1 mile qualifying lap in hopes of securing the pole position on race morning. 

It was no surprise that the fastest laps of the day came from the “Unlimited Truck” class, the top two positions being secured by Johnny Greaves (#22) and Kyle Jergensen (#44) with little more than half a second between them.  On the back straight away Kyle pushed his truck to the edge of control, wagging the rear end half way through the whoops as I kept the cameras rolling.


The next fastest laps of the day went to the “1 Unlimited” class where Kevin Thompson in the #170 ran his lap in 00:02:50.066 and BJ Eskew (#104) trailed by little more than 2 seconds.  Not to be overlooked are the top two in the “10 Class” where Richard Glaszczak (#1073) and Jamie Campbell (#1003) were separated by just 0.043 seconds.


In all it was a fast paced, cleanly run, day of racing out on the dirt. The race organizers and drivers kept the action moving and quickly cleared the handful of cars that suffered mechanical problems.  One driver did end up on his lid, but after some brief assistance from the safety and recovery team he was moving again under his own power and the track was hot again in under 5 minutes. With fast times and vehicles that are fresh out of the garage after building season, this weekend is sure to be filled with excitement from the time that the first of the green until the last of the checkered flags wave.


The action resumes bright and early tomorrow morning, the staging lines begin to fill at 6:30am and the flag drops at 6:55am.  With the number of registered drivers climbing the track will be packed tight with some 80 drivers slated to be on course by the 3rd Heat!  Race officials have said they’ll be proceeding on an “as ready” basis with all race heats, so get here early and stay late to avoid missing a moment of the action.