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California City, CA – Feb 2, 2015 – AVE/BAJA PROMOTIONS has added two new classes to its remaining 2015 schedule of the PURE UTV INTERNATIONAL OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES, announced Lou Peralta, CEO and Promoter of the series.

The upcoming second event of the PURE UTV Series is scheduled for March 28, with the running of the PURE “150” – Peralta indicated that they will add the Production “170” Division with two separate classes: Production “610” Class (for Kids 6 to 10 years old) and Production “113” Class (for Kids 11 through 13 years old), using a totally new and abbreviated course, laid out mostly on the property owned by the Peralta family.

The announcement came on the heels of the Peralta family attending the recent UTV World Championships in Laughlin, Nevada. Peralta comments; “This was a great event that Joey D. and the Martelli Brothers put on, but what made it particularly exciting and wonderful, was including the “Kids Race” consisting of Polaris’ Class 170. That was just terrific. We spoke to several parents who have been traveling to closed-course events in Southern California and asked us to consider adding the ‘170’ Classes.”
Peralta continued; “It didn’t take much to convince me after I saw the kids racing at the worlds; their skills and determination, it is just wonderful and we at AVE/Baja Promotions would like to advance the usage of these units by kids. I can’t think of a better program to ensure the growth and stability of our sport, and its future. Adding the two Classes is sure to establish a solid base for the future. Years ago we did it with Mini bike classes and Pee Wee’s in the motorcycle and ATV sports and even in the personal watercraft venues and now I think the “610” and “113” Classes will do likewise for UTVs.”

Peralta also added that since they have been in the sport of off-road since 1986, he has seen kid participating in his events, moving from the Minis, to the Gran Carrera GP series and now into the PURE UTV Series.

The anticipated course at AVE Ranch will use the current start/finish area, and also use a special course that has been used in the past for qualifying. It’s estimated that the course will be around a mile-and-a-half long for the “170” Class.
Moreover, the course location is in front of both sides of AVE’s Main Pits and easily accessible by officials, staff and of course parents who will keep a watchful eye on the racing. The site is at 138th & Proctor, California City, CA.

Entry fee for the “170” Classes is $45.00 per car. Each young person in the car or team must be a FUTVI member, but the Association has reduced its membership fee accordingly, from $25.00 to $10.00 per year.

For more details, visit: www.averacing.com or contact info@averacing.com.
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