2015 SNORE King Shocks Battle at Primm – Day 1


2015 King Shocks Battle at Primm – Day 1

By: Dave Morganthall

Primm, NV

As the sun rose above the mountain tops the race teams began to fill the staging areas.  Race day had finally arrived, the months of preparation would be put to the test as the drivers faced an evolving race track.  The tracks left behind from qualifying didn’t stop the drivers from pushing their machines to the limits of control.


The high flying action of the day wasn’t confined to the unlimited classes, from the first heat it was evident that the race teams were here to give their fans a show.  The first heat included the pre-runner class, some of the cars and trucks that would be run later in the day got an early shot at working out any last minute bugs before being pushed to max within their respective classes.


As the sun climbed higher above the horizon, so did the race cars.  With each passing heat the field grew larger, by the time the 5 cars hit the track there were more than 60 cars on the after the green flag waved.  Despite the number of cars on track, the drivers managed to keep some distance between their rivals and those who could keep the skinny pedal matted seemed to pass the slower cars with ease. 


There was no shortage of dirt being kicked up in the corners, it wasn’t uncommon to see drivers plowing through a cloud of dust and mud trying to gain precious seconds on the car in front of them.  All the dust and traffic didn’t stop top Unlimited Truck class qualifiers Johnny Greaves and Kyle Jergensen from airing their trucks out on the road side straightaways and the dike jump.  The course configuration keeps much of the vehicular aerobatics close to the spectator viewing areas for those who have come to see the race in person.


The crowd favorite 1400 class took to the track as the sun started to set with the most thrilling moment coming from the dike jump.  As the last few trucks cleared the jump, one stood out among them as their rear tire crest the hill a few seconds behind the rest of the truck.  Both continued to bounce and roll down the track, finally coming to a stop just beyond the first high speed road crossing.


The action resumes on Sunday morning when the drivers again take on the 11 mile course. The classes will run in the same heat configuration as the Saturday race, and the combined times from the weekend will be used to set the podium. 

** Still waiting on official results for Day 1. I will update this story as soon as we have them.**