2016 SNORE Battle at Primm Day 1

2016 SNORE BAP_8836
SNORE Battle at Primm day one is now in the books. It was a great day of racing, weather was perfect and there seemed to be a nice breeze right up until the last race of the day. SNORE did a great job of watering the course all day but for some reason the dust didn’t want to move for the 1450 guys. The last race of the day not only saw heavy dust but the sun setting right in the eyes of the drivers and co drivers, lots of hands up in front of their visors to help with the glare. This did not seem to slow them down at all.

2016 SNORE BAP_8664
The first heat of the day was the prerunner class at 6:25am, they only raced two laps. Heat two started at 7:00am with another heat about every two to two and a half hours ending with Heat seven the 1450 and 2000 trucks at 3:50pm. There were some really good battles all day long in 1600, 10, Class 1 but the highlight of the day for us was the 1450 class, those guys can drive and they kept it super close the entire five laps. These trucks are sitting on 37 and 39″ tires, they have huge motors in them and the guys can flat out drive. It would be interesting to throw the top five guys into TT Specs or even full TT’s and see what they could do against veteran racers. Although one of the guys racing is veteran class one racer Kevin Thompson.

2016 SNORE BAP_9359
As of this article we do not have full results from SNORE. We do have some of the morning races which we will post below. We will come back and edit this as we get more results in from the later races in the afternoon. All results are from the SNORE trailer and are UNOFFICIAL.

1600 Class

1673 Michael Ward
1634 Curt Geer
1612 Blaine Conrad


Justin Smith
Stan Weiler
Joshua Jordan

Class 10

1085 Justin Davis
1087 Troy Messer
1033 Cj Greaves

Class 12

1216 Randy Jones
1221 Kenny Thatcher
1295 Colton Gubler

Class 5/1600

554 Saul Solano
590 Guy Savedra
562 Shannon Fisher

SXS Unlimited

1990 Justin Lombardo
1920 Andrei Isac

Class 3000

3091 Mike Van Newkirk
3015 James Ford
3042 Tim Seward

Class 9

976 Rob MacDonald
998 Joshua Englestead
985 Andrew Parr

Class 13

1374 Casey Kiaizner
1342 Emily Shapiro
1336 Bree Cloud

Stock Bug

1100 Robert Johnson
1116 Cisco Bio
1162 Gregory Piraino

1500 Unlimited Sportsman

1545 John Morgan
1598 Richard Woods
1572 Keith Waibel

Class 1450

1470 Kevin Thompson
1466 Justin Oquendo
1448 Ryan Aqius

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    Chris Kelley
  • February 22, 2016
Hey, You caught a great shot of us. Super interested in buying it from you. #8
  • M
    Michael hildebrand
  • March 8, 2016
Sucks the kid from empire one class 5 both days and you didn't give him any love